#PetAdoptionRocks Brings Talented Musicians Together to Save Homeless Pets Worldwide

Clay Joule, a musician and producer, has been in the forefront of attempts to convey good messages about homeless dogs via the power of music ever since he launched Pet Adoption Rocks music campaign in January 2022.  As a singing drummer, Joule has already recorded his live performance more than ten classic rock songs; now, a large number of up-and-coming artists are joining him in support of this important cause. The recently released music video for Carole King’s song “I Fell the Earth Move” features Argentine artist Sofi Berro.   In order to demonstrate her commitment to helping animals in need anywhere in the globe, Sofi has offered to complete the vocal take and record it in Truwan Studio. The fact that she took the initiative to sing in this music video and gave an outstanding vocal performance bolsters the significance of her message, which is to encourage others to adopt animals in difficult circumstances.

Sofi Berro has a great deal of compassion for all of the stray dogs and abandoned puppies that exist in the world. By contributing to the #PetAdoptionRocks campaign, she has the intention of using her stunning voice to inspire others to adopt pets. Her music will be heard by people all across the world, where it will move their hearts and inspire them to take action to improve the lives of these magnificent creatures.

Sofi participated in another dance play, “La Piel del Tiempo,” had its musical performance in Buenos Aires in November of 2017, and Sofi was a part of the musical production of “Mis Otros Yo,” in both 2018 and 2019.   Prior to enrolling in college, she was a student at the ‘Fracassi’ conservatory, where she studied piano. Before deciding to pursue a career as an artist on a full-time basis, she attended UCA University, where she majored in cinema scoring and music production.  All that had helped her to be a creative arist of today.

The choice to acquire a pet is one that will have repercussions not just in your life but also in the life of the animal. The connection that develops between a human and their animal partner is unlike any other kind of relationship. Pet ownership has been demonstrated to boost mental health, and it also benefits the animal that is adopted by providing a happier and more stable home life for the animal than it would have had otherwise. A connection like this is even more powerful than blood.

On the YouTube channel that is jointly managed by Clay Joule and Truwan Studio, the music video for the song “I Feel the Earth Move” may be accessed. This is the right song for you if you are concerned about the plight of abandoned and homeless animals all around the world. Adopting a pet is a quick and easy way to have a big influence right away. You won’t just be enhancing the quality of life for yourself, but you’ll also be improving the quality of someone else’s life.

I FEEL THE EARTH MOVE Music Video –   https://youtu.be/Y8aZCJZDpi0  or you can find this song on the PET ADOPTION ROCKS playlist here: Clay Joule & Truwan Studio Youtube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/@clayjoule