In an era where resonant musical narratives often serve as both mirrors and beacons for societal undercurrents, the indomitable singer-songwriter Dria emerges with a resounding declaration of autonomy through her latest single “Enough.” The track, a collaborative creation with her mother and lyricist extraordinaire Cece, emerges as a powerful articulation of personal emancipation, echoing the collective pulse of those who grapple with feelings of entrapment and yearn for an unshackled existence.

Dria & Cece

“Enough,” a composition that evokes universal emotions of isolation, entrapment, and personal frailty, beckons listeners with lyrics that cut through the veneer of contemporary life’s complexities. Rooted in the shared human experience, the song’s potency lies in its ability to traverse emotional landscapes, resonating particularly with those navigating the bewildering tides of life’s labyrinthine passages. This resonant mid-tempo groove entices listeners to unfurl their wings and soar to the cadence of their own desires while unveiling the tender aspects of human sensibilities.

A triumphant product of ceaseless contemplation amidst the unprecedented turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic, “Enough” blossomed over three years, germinating during Cece’s contemplative moments upon the shores of Deerfield, Florida. The anthem germinated as an embodiment of resilience, a clarion call for those in search of self-assurance, inner serenity, and emancipation from confinements both tangible and intangible. Its resonance emanates from a deeply human nexus, interweaving the tapestry of individual identity, self-appreciation, and an unyielding reverence for personal authenticity.

Of significant note is the synergy that galvanizes this earworm, a poignant manifestation of the artistic nexus that unites Dria and her mother Cece. Hailing from Upstate New York, Dria’s role as a vessel of her mother’s artistic aspirations is unmissable. A daughter’s admiration for her mother’s creative fervor metamorphosed into a reciprocative collaboration that has birthed a timeless piece.


Having already distinguished herself with a vocal prowess that has drawn the spotlight while opening for luminaries like Jake Owens, Blake Shelton, Lee Brice, Chris Jensen, Chris Young, Brett Eldredge, and Dylan Scott, Dria brings to “Enough” a vocal dynamism that gracefully cradles the song’s essence. Her mellifluous tones, both familiar and captivating, breathe life into the composition, extending an inviting embrace to audiences spanning the globe.

At its core, “Enough” is a manifestation of Dria’s ability to transcend musical boundaries. This genre-fluid artist defies easy classification, a quality evident in the song’s effervescent strains that resound with a melody both sun-soaked and liberating. The track oscillates fervently between the territory of a heartfelt narrative, while exploring a scintillating and entrancing rhythmic realm. Dria, adopting the mantle of an alter ego, orchestrates a mesmerizing symphony of love, resilience, and engagement, juxtaposing it against the canvas of an empowering crescendo.

Narratively, under Cece’s sapient pen, “Enough” unfurls as a resonant parable of courage, agency, and emancipation from stifling bonds. At the song’s lyrical epicenter stands Stewart, a formidable figure ensconced in corporate armor, concealing a darker truth. His coalescence with Veronica weaves a tangled web, as her role extends beyond the conventional secretary, entwined in a narrative of forbidden desires.


But it is Stewart’s counterpart who also works alongside him, that emerges as the heroine of this aural fable, her frustrations kindling an incendiary resolve. A written missive of liberation left upon her husband’s desk, a declaration of self-discovery and autonomy, forms the soul-stirring climax.

Dria’s supple vocal cords smartly unravel Cece’s enlightening lyrics, and meld effortlessly with the composition’s sun-dappled arrangement, each note a brushstroke against the canvas of empowerment. This anthem is not merely a sonic creation but a vehicle that navigates the labyrinthine corridors of human relationships, echoing the oeuvres of luminaries like Miley Cyrus and Adele. It is a harmonic touchpoint that reinforces the essentiality of fostering relationships that nurture, rather than confine, of embracing self-empowerment in the face of treacherous discord.

Dria encapsulates the essence of Cece’s creation: “Enough” is an invitation to break free from the confines that tether us, a resonant hymn that celebrates the pursuit of selfhood and emancipation from restraints. Amidst the cacophony of expectations and societal constructs, “Enough” stands as a melodic testament that urges individuals to cast off their shackles and dance to the rhythm of their authenticity. Dria’s vocal prowess, and Cece’s lyrical poignancy, weave a vibrant thread, a serenade to strength, an anthem of liberation, and a symphony of resilience in “Enough”.