Monday, December 05, 2022

Major Highlights

Mt. Yona – Get up to date on his sound by checking out “The Ormus EP”

If when you hear hip-hop, pop, or dance music you imagine the vanilla, predictable, on-the-nose

“Grips the Air” by Mooncult is a fantastic achievement

Mooncult makes post-punk music that feels new and current with the same ferocity that’s adored

Jared Henry – ‘Reborn’ is a song born of hope in the midst of turmoil

Hailing from the hills of West Virginia, Jared Henry is a pop artist and songwriter

The song “Lost Girl (Club Remix)” by JOSHUA RED UTTECH is another another gem!

Joshua Red Uttech began his career as a solo artist in 2017, playing various venues

The song “Under My Seat” by J. Gervin is from the EP “The Burner”

I come from a musical background where my mom and grandma both were vocalists. They