Classic, Acid, Psychedelic, Fusion and Progressive rock sophistication with none of the pretentiousness that often steals the souls of these genres. “Ghosts on Television”, the second album by Bride Of Chaotica, is an adventure of purist craftsmanship. The magic is in the playing and the production, every tiny detail comesContinue Reading

Andi Young is able to play several instruments such as the piano, violin, and more. He is a classically trained violinist, who delicately threads his diverse influences into the combination of modern pop and classical music which can be heard in his releases. Andi released his single, “Time To SayContinue Reading

Andy Rawn the SINGER Guy, meets up with 6-year-old sensation -Giselle! Andy Rawn, the SINGER guy, is at it again! Always on the lookout for new collaborations and keeping his popular Youtube channel stocked-piled with his special, eclectic and quant brand of classically-induced pop-on-the-go renditions of anything from Ave MariaContinue Reading