Glenn Polin is an amateur artist, singer and producer. Frank Topper is an organizational development consultant from Greenbrae, California, who writes lyrics on his day off. Together the two moonlighters have been working on a couple of songs in their spare time. Well, three songs, to be honest. The songs roughlyContinue Reading

Lyricist Frank Topper continues his interesting and fruitful collaboration with singer Melissa Hollick after their successful attempt with the song “Channeling You”. This time, Greenbrae’s modern-day love poet, hands over the songwriting keys to Rachel Griffin, who also worked with Frank, on the song “I Turn Into You”. This artistic ménageContinue Reading

Perhaps it’s redundant to add yet another flattering review to what is already a chorus of praise for lyricist Frank Topper and his collection of collaborations with some of internet’s talented musical songwriters. Still, I’m always inspired to write as I listen to Frank’s poetry and yet again marvel atContinue Reading