Tisabel: “GENRE HOPPING” bristles with energy and artistic audacity

Longtime Musical director and vocalist Tony Isabel aka Tisabel boasts an unprecedented skill set. He writes, arranges, sings, plays, and performs. He busts taboos, flashes unstoppable ambition, blends genres together like paint. Soulful ballads and funky grooves, ambient new age soundscapes, Hip-hop fantasy, and divine EDM devotion. For these qualities alone, he deserves respect. However, as you know, respect is also kind of a bullshit concept. Your favorite songs may not grace anyone else’s mixes; your favorite artists may not have ever left town. A century of recorded music has given us a galaxy of worthy tunes. But the gravitational

Lee Lee Lanea: “Basswhipped” resonates gloriously

Beats aren’t gendered. So why are we still in the dark ages when it comes to gender equality in the music studio? Women represent less than 5% of music producers and engineers. Yes, the music industry—like every industry on this patriarchal planet—is sexist. That is not news. But this means we’re missing out on a whole world of sounds, stories, and perspectives. Our culture has systematically ingrained this idea that technology is more of a man’s thing. Then of course there’s the fact that most men get freaked out when women do things better than them or even as good

Nothing But You, Nicky has released her latest single on Phoenix Records

American singer Nicky has released her latest single on Phoenix Records. Her much anticipated single entitled, “ON MY OWN,” is available via all digital channels as of now. The single was composed by Multi-award winning composer Emine Sari, produced by Cihat Atlig, with vocal production and engineering by Multi-platinum winning engineer Joel Evenden. “ON MY OWN” showcases Nicky’s strength, both vocally and emotionally, as she performs her bold, unapologetic lyrics. She uses her music to tell stories and to capture the true emotion behind the music. Inspired by artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Whitney Houston, Nicky also draws influences

DownTown Mystic: “On E STREET” is filled with exceptional music!

Sha-La Music, Inc. announces the release of On E Street, a 4 song EP by US Rocker DownTown Mystic on UK Label Nub Music. The EP’s release date is December 1 and will be digitally distributed via ADA/Warner Music. The EP features rare studio performances by the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame rhythm section from Bruce Springsteen’s legendary E Street Band – drummer “Mighty” Max Weinberg & bassist Garry Tallent. Despite having played with Springsteen for over 40 years and studio work for various artists, Max & Garry have only played together on the same session for only a few artists. This puts DownTown Mystic in some very exclusive company. DownTown Mystic started as the alter ego of

Mobb Boss: “Lil Lady” – the depth, perspective and hunger of a performer

Being respected, revered and admired as an emcee is what often elevates a rapper from being one who merely strings together words that rhyme into an appreciated lyricist of the highest order. However, while there are a long string of spitters and scribes that have come along, the elite few who have found themselves mentioned in conversations and debates when discussing quality artists, have one thing in common: a track record of consistently delivering music that make the most of their lyrical abilities and serve as a piece of themselves. When speaking of today’s pack of underground orators, Mobb Boss

“All Your Bull” – A Politically motivated song from The Chile Colorado band

Rock band Chile Colorado’s debut album’s success at Rock Radio was a headline on the Newswire Jumbotron in Times Square, Manhattan, New York, across the street from the Hard Rock Cafe this month. The Chile Colorado band is next scheduled to release the digital single “Getting Restless” to Active Rock and Mainstream Rock Radio from the new self-titled album after having achieved 100 College Radio stations “Adding” the set for airplay. The ‘Chile Colorado’ album features Ron Wright, songwriter, lead guitar, and vocalist, with Paul Goss on bass & background vocals, and John Ferraro on drums. All three are veteran

Pastor Peter Unger Releases New Single “The Memories of God”

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, USA — Peter wrote this song for the older people, who he had the honor and privilege of ministering to over many years. Pete explained that many had a humble, kind, and appreciative dignity; qualities born of a long life shaped by faith and wisdom. Most were to experience the debilitating effects of age, including mental decline and dementia. During visits he struggled and prayed with them through the inevitable spiritual and emotional valleys of such a decline. He further explained that those, for whom faith and a personal relationship with God most defined what it meant to

King Draper: “1992” – simplistic in its premise but unquestionably real in its execution

You can’t write about underground or independent hip-hop and not write about King Draper. Or at least I seemingly can’t. For the past couple years the man’s been a nearly constant presence in my journalistic exploits. And now, I’m sitting down again to review his latest 11 track project, “1992”.  The King hits me with dope music and I write about it, and I’m more than happy with the arrangement. If you’ve peeped any of King Draper’s projects before, what you get from this project won’t surprise you. Draper with his soulful, jazzy, production and his smart anecdotes detailing tales

Edgler Vess: “Violet” – essential to your hip-hop collection

Every album that Edgler Vess releases, breathes with a distinct personality, each a shape-shifting assemblage of personage and programming that sounds more like a kind of miraculous hyperlinked sound collage than rap. His lyrical feats go unmatched for sheer idiosyncrasy and insight; beyond rap enthusiasts, many of his strongest supporters are probably writers and music heads. A master of the microphone and the beats, Vess has constantly swapped out his tools and themes, avoiding revision and instead choosing innovation. When Edgler Vess does what he does, he’s impossible to ignore. He’s profound, he’s impressive, and he’s damn entertaining. In short,

J-Hamz: “I Stack Up Remixes” – breaking free from the formulaic!

A medical doctor by day, J-Hamz is a classically trained pianist who produces electronic by night. J-Hamz has been featured in various music magazines and radio stations. His “I Stack Up” track was a Beatport Staff Pick as well as charting in the top ten electro house and big room charts. The EP “I’d Do Anything” also charted on Beatport and has received airplay on over a 100 college FM radio stations. J-Hamz together with Jaculator also received a nomination for the 2017 Edmonton Music Awards’ as DJ/Electronic Recording of the Year for the aforementioned EP. In his 6th release,

Jaliet Caprana: “The Perfect Poison” – the lyrics touch the heart while the music touches the soul

Jaliet Caprana recently received an award for the E.P. “The Perfect Poison” which will be available in retail stores from June 10th 2016. Signed to Grim Music Records and T.M.G., Nicholas David Joseph Ahamnos better known by his stage name Jaliet Caprana, is an American hip hop recording artist, record producer, audio engineer, and songwriter from Woodridge, Illinois.

Jaliet Caprana

Jaliet Caprana

He blends street life and introspective flavors in a hip hop format that makes most of his contemporaries sound like fluff. Jaliet Caprana is coming from the ground up, and the only reason he can do this independently is because his lyrics are so real.

You can really feel the subjects he is rhyming about. He really is something different that is on the market right now, as he has his own type of flow that really sinks you into his music.

Caprana also has some of the most bumping beats out there. On “The Perfect Poison”, he has all kinds of different styles, from the up-tempo banging tracks, to the dirty gangsta lyrical wizardry, to the emotional songs and the alternative rock styles.

While other rappers may try and be more witty and intellectual with their lyrics, Caprana’s music is a lot deeper and more down to earth. He would also appeal more to folks who have lived the hard life. His lyrics represent the struggling class, but his slick production can easily appeal to the suburban population.

Jaliet Caprana’s lyrics touch the heart while his music touches the soul. If you listen to rap, then it’s just one more bonus. If you’ve considered listening to rap but do not like the same old same sound from mainstream artists, check out “The Perfect Poison”. This is as good as it gets.

Jaliet-Caprana-300Tune into standouts like “Teach Yourself How To Be A Man”, “Ima Beat The Game”, “The Perfect Poison” and “Under Pressure”. This white boy is off the hook, which is further proof that we need to quit blowing white boys off like they can’t rap. Anyone who appreciates rap music for true lyricism and honesty must own this one.

Caprana addresses a wide range of subjects, including very personal ones, in this album. The concepts in his songs are pure genius and lyrically few in the underground rap game can touch him.

Jaliet Caprana has a voice and style that makes him a standout amongst the hip hop community and he combines intelligent lyrics along with catchy refrains. After you listen to almost any song on this album just once, you will have the chorus stuck in your head – something that few are able to achieve.

You can’t top the beats on this album either. They bring a great vibe to every song, and each song has its own feel to it. I reckon that the Caprana musical movement will be riding real high soon if he keeps turning out tracks and albums of the caliber shown on “The Perfect Poison”.


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