FRONTMAN JACOB CADE’S ‘ACOUSTIC HANG WITH JACOB FROM THE BRKN’ WILL LIVE STREAM VIA THE BANDS INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK THROUGH THE END OF APRIL AT 6PM PST/7PM MST/9PM EST THE BRKN recently released their debut EP No. 3 via Right Brain Music Group/Ingrooves. Their new video for their song “Broke” has garnered over 100 views in just two weeks. Since the band’s spring tours have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus, frontman Jacob Cade will be live streaming acoustic sessions every Tuesday through April via the band’s Facebook and Instagram. Tune in at 6PM PST/7PM MST/9PM EST at or and #BeatTheVirusWithTheBRKN. “We’re

D-Witt flexes the pen of a budding cinematic storyteller

I recently heard about an artist called D-Witt from Rockford, IL.  Illinois is the home of some prestigious sons who have left unforgettable marks on hip-hop’s history. I’m expecting an unfiltered rebel who is unafraid to bare his soul and burn down buildings. A fearless heart is a quality that makes fearless art, and I hope that’s exactly what D-Witt has arrived to present us.  So I press play on the first track called “Enemy”. The sound is open and strong-willed. There’s no doubting that D-Witt has something to say. The amount of care that goes into his lyricism stamps

Mortinus – “Star Chariot (Yellow Odyssey)” and “Oceania” – gently beatific music

As the months pass slowly into years, it becomes increasingly plain to all concerned that Danish electronic music producer, Mortinus is taking his craft very seriously. He has been extraordinarily prolific and has maintained an enviable level of quality in his releases. When approaching his two singles “Star Chariot (Yellow Odyssey)” and “Oceania” the question that arises is how will Mortinus sound fare in the altered musical terrain of 2020? Well the two new singles, are fine examples of some of the best ambient, chillout, downtempo and cinematic instrumental music being made today. Mortinus’ sound is alive and well, and his

Stiff Lauren – “Faith In Me” demands the spotlight!

Fearless and uncompromising, Stiff Lauren is back to deliver a triumphant track about having faith in yourself no matter what. Stiff Lauren is a hip-hop artist who is no stranger to speaking what’s on his mind. Since he hit the scene, he’s never been one to hold his tongue or been one to fear throwing the first punch. Whether or not you’ve followed Stiff from the beginning, one thing has been apparent through the highs and the lows: he’s talented and confident – his latest single “Faith In Me” is a perfect example of that. Stiff Lauren once again takes

Phreckle$ is carving out a music presence with “IDFWP”

Phreckle$ is an independent solo artist out of Los Angeles, California. She writes all her own songs, and produces professional quality artistic music videos. A precocious talent, Phreckle$, played trumpet at 9 years old in the school band, by 12 she was performing at the Carnegie Hall, and a year later she started going to punk shows. At 17 she was playing bass in 3 different punk bands. At the age of 22, she was discovered as a model and is now an internationally signed model working with the top photographers and magazines in the industry, which has put her

“No Mas” oozes with Nancy Diaz’s palatable understated sass

Canadian born Latin pop recording artist Nancy Diaz has been navigating her way through the Canadian music scene since 2011 with her pop single “Summer Addiction” along with official music video. Her sexy and sassy fusion of English/Latin music has led to the release of many well received singles, garnering her critical acclaim and audience satisfaction. Apart from firmly establishing herself among her musical contemporaries and peers, Diaz has also made her mark in the modeling world posing for magazines, fashion labels and fashion photographers such as Cliché Magazine, Deniori Couture and Monarch Photography. Directly involved in quite a few

Cyrus R.O. – “Bones” is still a skillfully crafted song

I think I expected this music to be sterile and methodical. However, to my surprise, Cyrus R.O.’s new single “Bones” from his upcoming debut album “Deconvolution” is blazingly irradiated like bundle of energy that expertly marries the organic and synthetic. Underneath it all, a darker lyrical narrative dealing with “a character struggling with their gender identity, and the fear of social turmoil that comes with that.” Everything just grooves so well together; it’s a blend of sounds that I haven’t heard done this well from any progressive, jazz, or electronic artist in quite some time. It’s a masterful melding of electronic machinery with

Temperature Falls Release The Video For Their Latest Single “1-2-3”

The sound and atmosphere of Temperature Falls is built around somewhat gritty, blended organic-electronic sounding tracks that hearken the listener back to earlier times. Their latest track, ‘1-2-3’, is a seductive track that pulls the listener in with an eerie melody, sultry vocals and an ethereal reverberating atmosphere. Mixed beautifully, this is the perfect example of what to expect from this indie trip-hop/alternative rock duo from Oslo, Norway, made up of vocalist/lyricist Camilla, and multi-instrumentalist Ian J. Ward. ‘1-2-3’ is a gorgeous, melancholic song that is heart wrenchingly beautiful. Temperature Falls is one of those bands that are absolutely necessary

Pop Music Artist DAYVID Releases Music Video for “Same Old Feeling”

This song was released last Fall on his self-titled debut EP. DAYVID explains that “Same Old Feeling” was the last song written for this EP. It reflects on an old love that was like no other. “Same Old Feeling” was co-written by DAYVID and Grammy-Nominated producer Morgan Taylor Reid (Marshmello, Jack & Jack, CHROMEO). “Same Old Feeling” is available on all streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music: The production is simple with piano, vocals, and an 8-member gospel choir providing backgrounds. The lyrics and vocal performance make this song meaningful and powerful. All elements support the soaring voice

Arrows – “After Hours” – Inspired by 80’s synthwave and video game sound tracks

“After Hours” the brand new full length album by Arrows, says all it needs to about the brand of retro nostalgia this kind of music evokes. The project’s sonic palette is especially dense with layer upon layer of synth sounds stacked upon one another and wrapped up in a modern production veneer that makes it bang. Every song delivers big in the keyboard hooks department and the moods are consistently melancholy and wistful throughout. “After Hours” is Arrows hitting their stride; this is what it sounds like when a young band is killing it. Inspired by 80’s synthwave and video

Ben Ryan Metzger: “Ride With The One You Love” – a unique hybrid crossover

Ben Ryan Metzger is a pop artist from Cleveland, OH. His goal with his work is to share his love and positive energy through music and inspire listeners around the world to appreciate their precious, finite time on earth. Metzger’s current project “Ride With The One You Love” is no exception. Indie, pop, dance, electronic, rap and artsy … all are good adjectives to describe Metzger’s latest album. Poetic and insightful lyrics accompany great beats and strong synth sounds to make a truly unique album. Some songs are nostalgic sounding, like they miss a past of innocence, while others bring a series of positively inspiring anecdotes to the table. Ben Ryan Metzger is definitely doing something new here, but he is obviously heavily influenced by the past.

Metzger knows how to make soundscapes. Catchy soundscapes, at that. There are indeed some notable tracks. The first of these is the title track, “Ride With The One You Love”, which begins with strikingly raw vocals as an electronica-laced bouncing beat and a thumping bassline adds a jovial nature to proceedings. Meanwhile, the album’s barometer quickly reaches an apex on the epic second track, “Make It So Jean-Luc Picard”, which sees Metzger use varying tones of his voice – from deep baritone passages, to wistful falsetto motifs.

Musically complex and the most likely cut to grow on a listener, this arguably could be seen as a summation of the entire album’s sound all rolled into one. “Nba Today The World We Save”, sees Ben Ryan Metzger comfortably slide into rap-styled verses, before once again switching styles on the funky retro-disco cut “Math Dance”.

It is when Metzger slips into his baritone voice, that I find him most impressive, coming off sounding like mix between Dave Gahan and Elvis Presley. In fact “Unbeatable Avenger Rambo Terminator” is a perfect example of this unique hybrid crossover, as the dark resonating tones of Gahan meet the raunchy drawl of Elvis.

None of that betrays the fact that Metzger still sounds like Metzger at heart. Despite infusing the songs with a heightened electronic quotient, these are songs that are still nostalgic for any given yesterday. It’s this kind of juxtaposition that Ben Ryan Metzger pulls off so well and maintains throughout their record.

Each track manages to flow into the next with relative ease all without sacrificing atmosphere or the summery pop-dance feel across the albums eight tracks. It’s because of this admirable creative chemistry that Metzger manages to get away with this amalgamation of sounds, without coming off as overstuffed or undecidedly grasping at straws.

This confidence and spontaneity even allows Metzger to include “Believeland” which is a live track. By now you would have noticed that Metzger also has the gift of giving his tracks tongue-twisting, tongue-in-cheek titles, such as, “Sharknado Secret You Don’t Know”.

Metzger then closes the album down with eloquent ballad, “One Moment With You”, which is also a live rendition of the song. Each track on “Ride With The One You Love” can stand on isolated listens, but the album really fluctuates as a whole, the listener picking up things gone unnoticed on previous album cycles, consolidating the entire record.


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