Dutch Dolo sticks to his own creative groove and simply makes great music!

Dutch Dolo is an up and coming artist from Greensboro North Carolina, with a passion for hip Hop. Dolo has been doing music since the age of 8 and has been rapping since the age of 16. Even though he is from the South, he always had an interest in up North music, and his flow reflects that. Dutch Dolo’s favorite artists include, Jay Z, Tupac, Nas, Dmx and Biggie. With Several live performances under his belt Dolo is a seasoned artist ready to take his skills, talent and unique flow to the next level. All of which you can

Tommy Capretto: “Floss” is just state of the art

Tommy Capretto is a house music DJ and Producer from the greater Philadelphia area. After launching his career in 2006, things moved to the next level in 2015 when Capretto accumulated releases via leading record labels, Universal Music, Capitol Records, Carrillo Music, Armada Music, Juicy Music, HoTL Records, and others. A reputation built on being a go-to producer for club hits, Capretto has also totaled a number of official remixes for artists including Beck, Niall Horan, Hailee Steinfeld, MNEK, Dragonette, and FLETCHER among others. Capretto’s music is supported by fellow global DJs Don Diablo, Laidback Luke, Oliver Heldens, Roger Sanchez,

The feature film titled “The Lost End” exhibits the passion and care Zoé Pelloux brings to her craft

“The Lost End” has been in the works for the last two years and it’s finally almost here. Produced by Zoé Pelloux and written and directed by Alexander Salabaschew, it is a compelling psychedelic drama that tells the story of a man who is looking for his family after they were kidnapped by a cult. Currently in post-production, the film stars Andy Phillips, Every Heart and Isabella Valotti and will be released later this year. Zoé Pelloux is an accomplished producer. Originally from Paris, France, she spent much of her childhood watching movies with her parents and making movies of

Saints Warning is a fresh new alternative band hailing from Los Angeles, California

Saints Warning is a band hailing from Los Angeles, California. Their sound is fresh and modern, with a nod to the energy of indie rock and the timeless vibes of blues and alternative music. In addition to that, their songs are also quite personal and intimate, capturing that unique vibe often associated with the singer-songwriter style. The line-up currently consists of Eduardo Enriquez (vocals), as well as David McClellan on guitar, bass player Andrew Dupras, and last but not least, Bobby Godines sitting behind the drum kit. The group was founded by David earlier in 2019, and ever since they’re

ill-logicz: “Countin'” – pure delivery stylistics

Hailing from Miami, FL, rapper ill-logicz is excited to release his single “Countin’” produced by Ka$h Blak. As a conscious rapper, ill-logicz tends to stick to the storytelling rap and hip-hop songs, but wanted to change it up a bit for this one. His previous single “Gemini” was released in February of this year. It’s always an admirable act when rappers dedicate some part of their music to new experiments. The rapper has always had plenty to say, and he’s also never been shy about saying it. Now his applying that same theory to his music. “Countin’” is a far

Deane Nesbitt Jr. – “Tracking The Soldier” relaxing and inspiring the listener at the same time

Oftentimes music has a way of helping people through the rough periods of their lives by allowing them to still their minds and quiet the tumult that is assaulting them from without. It allows people to turn within and find the strength that lies at the heart of their being so that they can face the next day no matter what circumstances are awaiting them. Deane Nesbitt Jr. seems to have taken has these recommendations and has created the album “Soundtracks in the Sand” as a way to put all of his most powerful music in one place. Well that’s

A&L: “So Sorry” – a hard hitting song that showcases grand all-round musicianship

“So Sorry” is the 10th single release by the two seasoned industry professionals – Anthony Casuccio and Lana Marie, better known as the chart-topping indie outfit A&L.  “After the success of our last single We Are Love, which was a ballad, we wanted to get back to our aggressive roots,” says Casuccio, the Grammy nominated engineer who powers the production behind A&L. The track channels the anger and realization that you are being played by a new lover. The powerhouse performance of the other half of A&L, Lana Marie, is a call to action and a warning to all players

RealTalk the Black Boy King: “True” – a huge step up for the Dallas artist

Originally from California, the Dallas (TX) based artist RealTalk the Black Boy King covers the complexities experienced in areas like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Phoenix, while seeks to shed light on the truth of life in America. World travelled and a true descendant of ancient royalty, RealTalk has unleashed his latest, epic 12 song project, entitled “True”. For those familiar with his previous work, ‘CURSES’ and ‘The Time Machine’, the new album, currently available for purchase on all platforms,  is considered a huge step up for the Dallas artist. Though his projects have all been critical successes, his latest


KARMS first turned heads in 2017 with single, ‘We Always Lose’, an energetic anthem that just never seemed to quit. Not leaving too much time for breathing, the band soon released their EP, ‘River’, a bone crushing selection of songs politely polished off with the silky, tender, ‘Beautiful Magic’. Not one to shy away from a show, KARMS have been lucky enough to take on supports with Fatherson, The Amazons, Arcane Roots and The Strypes. KARMS have headlined sold out shows at Whelan’s, Dublin and played at last year’s Other Voices in Ballina. In 2018, KARMS released their debut album

Lil Xelly: “Rxelly” – crank up the volume and ride!

The 19-year-old rapper Lil Xelly, hails from Rockville, Maryland and began making music as early as 9 years old, writing raps in a journal. While most new rappers do the normal thing and launch themselves into the hip-hop arena with a single release, towards the end of 2017, Xelly dropped a mammoth 105-song mixtape entitled “More Xelly”. Having now laid down his blueprint from which to evolve and expand, Lil Xelly went on to release two projects a month, starting in early 2018, and then surpassing that benchmark as the year went on, continuing into 2019. A couple of weeks

Ben Ryan Metzger: “Ride With The One You Love” – a unique hybrid crossover

Ben Ryan Metzger is a pop artist from Cleveland, OH. His goal with his work is to share his love and positive energy through music and inspire listeners around the world to appreciate their precious, finite time on earth. Metzger’s current project “Ride With The One You Love” is no exception. Indie, pop, dance, electronic, rap and artsy … all are good adjectives to describe Metzger’s latest album. Poetic and insightful lyrics accompany great beats and strong synth sounds to make a truly unique album. Some songs are nostalgic sounding, like they miss a past of innocence, while others bring a series of positively inspiring anecdotes to the table. Ben Ryan Metzger is definitely doing something new here, but he is obviously heavily influenced by the past.

Metzger knows how to make soundscapes. Catchy soundscapes, at that. There are indeed some notable tracks. The first of these is the title track, “Ride With The One You Love”, which begins with strikingly raw vocals as an electronica-laced bouncing beat and a thumping bassline adds a jovial nature to proceedings. Meanwhile, the album’s barometer quickly reaches an apex on the epic second track, “Make It So Jean-Luc Picard”, which sees Metzger use varying tones of his voice – from deep baritone passages, to wistful falsetto motifs.

Musically complex and the most likely cut to grow on a listener, this arguably could be seen as a summation of the entire album’s sound all rolled into one. “Nba Today The World We Save”, sees Ben Ryan Metzger comfortably slide into rap-styled verses, before once again switching styles on the funky retro-disco cut “Math Dance”.

It is when Metzger slips into his baritone voice, that I find him most impressive, coming off sounding like mix between Dave Gahan and Elvis Presley. In fact “Unbeatable Avenger Rambo Terminator” is a perfect example of this unique hybrid crossover, as the dark resonating tones of Gahan meet the raunchy drawl of Elvis.

None of that betrays the fact that Metzger still sounds like Metzger at heart. Despite infusing the songs with a heightened electronic quotient, these are songs that are still nostalgic for any given yesterday. It’s this kind of juxtaposition that Ben Ryan Metzger pulls off so well and maintains throughout their record.

Each track manages to flow into the next with relative ease all without sacrificing atmosphere or the summery pop-dance feel across the albums eight tracks. It’s because of this admirable creative chemistry that Metzger manages to get away with this amalgamation of sounds, without coming off as overstuffed or undecidedly grasping at straws.

This confidence and spontaneity even allows Metzger to include “Believeland” which is a live track. By now you would have noticed that Metzger also has the gift of giving his tracks tongue-twisting, tongue-in-cheek titles, such as, “Sharknado Secret You Don’t Know”.

Metzger then closes the album down with eloquent ballad, “One Moment With You”, which is also a live rendition of the song. Each track on “Ride With The One You Love” can stand on isolated listens, but the album really fluctuates as a whole, the listener picking up things gone unnoticed on previous album cycles, consolidating the entire record.


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