In chemistry, when certain incendiary elements amalgamate, they become vehemently explosive. In alternative rock, when certain incendiary elements amalgamate, they become Continua. In fact, whenever the five gentlemen who encompass Continua – Cincinnati based darkwave singer Bishop Battle, Day of Awakening’s Brian Buckalew, and guitarist-songwriter Jason Mulkey, who are joinedContinue Reading

For 30 years strong, Canadian rocker, Cory M. Coons has been an independent musician, singer, performer and now award-winning and nominated songwriter. . His singles have earned him accolades at the Radio Music Awards and the World Songwriting Awards. His albums have been recognized at the International Singer Songwriters AssociationContinue Reading

Modern rock group, Edge Of Free has had their self-titled debut album produced by Toby Wright (Alice In Chains, Korn, Tantric, Metallica). The recording contains an intimate collection of honest songs powered by guitarist John Hussey’s dynamic music and singer Scott Sneddon’s dark melodies, soaring choruses, and gut wrenching lyricsContinue Reading