Bobaflex: “Eloquent Demons” – guardians of heavy rock’s melodic treasures!

Originating in Mason, West Virginia, Bobaflex release their 8th studio album “Eloquent Demons” on Friday, August 25th, 2017. This is their first release on Thermal Entertainment LLC. This is the second album to feature Dave Tipple and Jymmy Tolland. The band was originally signed by Eclipse Records to release their first full length album Primitive Epic. Bobaflex went on to TvT Records where they released two albums in “Apologize for Nothing” (2005) and “Tales From Dirt Town” (2007), before the label went bankrupt in 2009. Bobaflex also has a florid live show and touring schedule. They have performed in all the lower 48 states over the last 7 years, playing 100+ shows every year, including a record setting 154 in 2016.

Bobaflex is Shaun McCoy (Guitar, Vocals), Martin McCoy (Guitar, Vocals), Dave Tipple (Guitar, Vocals), Tommy Johnson (Drums) and Jymmy Tolland (Bass, Vocals). This band is living proof that nailing the basics is the smartest way to ensure success in the hard rock world – tight ass rhythms, snarling guitar riffs and solos, rumbling basslines, pounding drums and roaring vocals. Bobaflex have toiled remorselessly to earn their status in the genre.

The album cover artwork

And in keeping with their unassailable reputation as guardians of heavy rock’s melodic treasures, “Eloquent Demons” offers plenty in the way of creative curveballs and is likely to win over anyone that hasn’t already succumbed to the band’s captivating charms. And when it comes to huge, chest-pummeling, melodic rock anthems, Bobaflex are in the A-league.

Their eighth album follows some of their previously laid-out blueprints – plenty of groove, progressive song structures, and even better harmonies. As a whole, the album lyrically and musically swings between poetic beauty, and raging anger. Their sound is probably best summed up by the album’s opening track “I Am A Nightmare”, which fluctuates between beautiful and vulnerable harmonies, and harsh and vengeful lyrics and guitars. This sort of Jekyll and Hyde equation plays through much of the album in varying degrees of evil.

Melodic infused fury is shown off more prevalently in such tunes as “Long Time Coming”, “Say What You Will” and the angsty “Lights Out”, while those looking for a little more wistful melancholy would be advised to check out “Off With Your Head”, and the band’s brilliant cover of Pink Floyd’s “Hey You”. If like me, you dig sweeping anthems, then switch to “Moon And The Shadows” and “Reckless”.

Along with the wall of thundering guitars, the lead vocal is the band’s secret weapon: the soulful, vein-popping roar brings authority and a devastating bite to every chorus, while sweet and smooth layered harmonies lend a sense of gorgeous plushness. This give their hard rock sound plenty of dynamics to play with…and they do! No matter how harsh their sound gets, Bobaflex never sacrifice melody and harmony, which is what really sets them apart from their genre contemporaries.

“Eloquent Demons” could literary sell itself. All the songs on the album either live up to, or surpass any expectations. Listening to it, you will find yourself entirely absorbed. The rhythms, lyrics and all-round performances contained within the songs will snare you and it will be with great reluctance that you pry yourself loose. It is simply too good to stop listening.


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