Flaviyake: “Anime Girl” – this song is downright addicting!

Flaviyake [flah-vee-uh-ke] is a Pop singer and songwriter. The Grammy Recording Academy and NARIP member started her musical career by studying the flute and piano at the Sergey Rachmaninov School of Music in Chișinău, Moldova, at the age of six and she wrote her first song for vocal and piano at the age of ten. Her name is a hybrid of her Latin name Flavia (meaning ‘golden, blonde’) and Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake, who became her favorite designer after she attended his exhibition at the Barbican Centre in London in 2010.


Attracted by electronic music and EDM in particular Flaviyake started performing her original songs in clubs at the age of ten, and has established a career writing songs, in both English and Russian, for herself and other artists. About a month ago, Flaviyake, who is working on her debut album, released her “Anime Girl” single, which has already raked up a nomination in the Pop genre at Hollywood Music in Media Awards this year. The song was produced by Matt Wong and Eddie Gomez.

Flaviyake’s beautiful voice and the deep bass interjections really contribute a lot to this song. If you pick your ear up, you can also hear a nice blend of electronic sounds and effects that make her music complex and dynamic. A lot of music of this genre falls into the trap of simplicity wrapped around a repeating drum loop, but not Flaviyake as she adds an upbeat, happy, and cheerful tone to the song.

The award nomination
The award nomination

“Anime Girl” has a cartoon-like sonic aura to it that may remind you of Scando-Pop group Aqua, who had a megahit with “Barbie Girl” in the nineties. This is one of those songs that you either love or hate. But it is tracks like “Anime Girl” that blurs the distinction between ‘cool’ and ‘uncool’ by fearlessly showing off the energy and freshness of styles usually taken for granted. There can be no denying that this song here is downright addicting, you’ll be listening to it over and over and over.

This is a wonderful, bubbly electro-pop. It’s simply ear candy that you can just put in the player and hit play, and forget about all your negativity while you dance the night away.  It is simply an excellent light listen that will have you bobbing along with the beat and humming the melody… if you can stand still long enough!

Flaviyake’s neat lyrics about the world of animation are put to great uplifting chord progressions, which equals wonderful results. When you listen to “Anime Girl” all your worries will go away because you’ll be stuck in Flaviyake’s creatively artistic, fun fantasy pop trance!


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