Brothers + Company: “Search Team” – uplifting harmonies and energetic choruses!

Brothers + Company are gearing up for the release of their new EP titled “RUN”. Consisting of two sets of brothers, Jake & Josh Briggs and Marcus & Steven Rutherford – one of those set being twins – the Little Rock, Arkansas natives formed the alternative rock band on a whim in January 2014 and have been going strong ever since. Brothers + Company write the sort of soaring, melodic alt-rock and indie-pop that’s bound for greatness.

Amidst all the regurgitated, formulaic and franchised crap in the music industry nowadays it is a joy to find those rare gems. This band is one of those rare gems and there latest track, “Search Team”, is fantastic. It has energy, beauty, heart, soul and spirit. The vocals are outstanding as well as the instrumentation; the songwriting is excellent as too.

Brothers + Company
Brothers + Company

Brothers + Company remind me of a few of my favorite artists but in truth they sound like none of them.  It has been several years since I have heard a band that allows itself to be so passionate about their music that you can clearly hear it in their voices, their rhythm and the lyrics.

This all makes “Search Team” an outstanding song, even though it is a little less guitar-driven than the songs on “Boomerang”, tending its outstretched creativity towards a more synth/electronic-driven inspiration – Adding a hint of new to something that already works and not have it ruined, requires the highest level of skill.  The instrumentation and vocals are gorgeous and the music is oh-so-catchy. What it trades in on jangly guitars, it more than makes up for in uplifting harmonies and energetic choruses.

I’m not often taken by surprise by a band, but this one snuck up and caught me off guard. Technically these young musicians have released a track that sounds mature, original, and sure-footed. It is clearly the product of a band that will be filling concert venues and playlists for years to come.

Vocally they are a force to be reckoned with, and together with their lush, atmospheric music full of meaningful lyrics, and soaring beautiful orchestration present a delightful, cool, loud and up-tempo track that will have all the bland alternative and indie music lovers wake up and realize originality and talent when they hear it!

Brothers + Company is a finger in the eye to all the boring bands out there in radio land, for once here’s a band whose vocals, lyrics and music match up!


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