Let’s get one thing straight. I’ve been following the Collegians since their brilliant debut single, “Vaccine”, which then was followed up “Black Mass”. This Melbourne based Australian band, with a British-born singer, sound exactly like the confident, ambitious superstars they are very likely soon to be. On their latest singleContinue Reading

All The Forgotten 45’s songs exist on a continuum between two poles: snappy, melodic-inflected pop tunes and vast, mind-altering classic rock soundscapes. “In Case You Forgot”, the band’s sophomore album, wastes no time in reaffirming what The Forgotten 45’s do. The 4-minute “Fly on the Wall” spends its first third establishing aContinue Reading

Jake Ward, a longtime singer-songwriter, producer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist with years of experience writing original songs, performing, and contributing to a plethora of musical projects. Ward attributes his musical awakening to listening to the Goo Goo Dolls when he was just 13 years old. His other musical influences include JohnContinue Reading

Sweeping aside all of the clichés of mass-produced pop-rock! Pale Fire, the latest album from L.A. based band, Magnolia Memoir, offers a shimmery slice of cinematic alt-rock and immediately begs the question as to why this group is still underground. Lead singer Mela Lee’s amazing five-octave range lends to theContinue Reading