FERDI-F: “Fall” ft. Lizzy – rich piece of music that you won’t easily tire of!

FERDI-F is an Italian based session drummer, recording engineer and producer with a unique approach to his blend of EDM. Boasting over 20 albums (involved as an engineer) and 10 single releases of his own material, FERDI-F set out to develop a sound that is all about connecting with listeners through high-energy release, uplifting melodies, and floor-shattering beats.

On his latest release, “Fall” featuring Lizzy, FERDI-F strikes a great balance between just plain catchy EDM/Pop music and a fresh sound to serve our dance floors. EDM’s ‘4 on the floor’ house music streak may have gotten stale, but FERDI-F innovates and plays around with the formula. He adds infectious vocals and an uplifting melody that doesn’t simply rehash old ideas. He has a great, unique style in dance music that is endlessly fun and energetic.

ferdi-f-logoFERDI-F walks that very fine line between dance-floor EDM and hypnotic pop brilliance. He builds rhythms and synths into subtle, slinky anthems. This fact is illustrated on “Fall” which happens to be a brilliant and hypnotic three-and-a-half minute build of driving syncopated percussion and synths, pulsating and pushing a fantastic melodic vocal performance by Lizzy. Gorgeous sounds, a big beat, energy and vibe abound on this track.

FERDI-F’s clever arrangement creates a really rich piece of music that you won’t easily tire of.  Through the effect driven instrumental sounds and well-worked vocals, FERDI-F creates something absolutely mesmerizing that goes beyond the catchy vocal hooks. This is such a moving and uplifting song: it instantly catches your attention. FERDI-F works hard to make all his releases as original as possible, so you don’t know what to expect. This track is no exception.

Considering what he has achieved on “Fall”, it becomes clear that FERDI-F is an outstanding engineer who is also working his way towards being a sort after music producer and artist. Arguably FERDI-F is working his way into the elite music niche of combining solid EDM rhythms with top pop hooks and quality guest vocals. It is different. It is inventive and it is a good listen. Moreover on “Fall”, FERDI-F proves to have hit just the right balance of sparkling, emotional vocals and the beautifully euphoric house jump sound that makes him such a fantastic electronic producer!


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