DivaFly: “Million $ Cello” – coming straight from the composer’s heart and soul

The multi-instrumentalist and classically trained pianist, DivaFly aka R. Danette Johnson, has been plying her craft for 4 decades. It is hard to classify the talented performer as she blends various genres into her repertoire that goes from classical to urban flavors. Her latest instrumental work, “Million $ Cello”, swings in as though the phoenix itself is rising with power, energy, and confidence. It grooves in an effortless movement as it explodes with intensified electronics built around a jazz and soul vibe.

DivaFly aka R. Danette Johnson
DivaFly aka R. Danette Johnson

Heading towards a catchy and rhythmic sound, the cello remains at the focal point of this track. It is energetic, colorful, and funky as it moves in a forward momentum, with thumped and plucked bass lines in support. It is a powerful tune filled with dynamic musical imagery. There is no question this song will speak most vividly to listeners, coming straight from the composer’s heart and soul.

Browsing through her catalog, it seems that DivaFly has attained an incredible amount of experiences over the last few months, and that has been shown in this release. She has explored different boundaries and added more fabric to her compositions. Her phenomenal instrumentals and her ability to transcend genres will draw you in.

DivaFly manages to blend the perfect amount of classical, organic and electronic into her work. “Million $ Cello” being an example of this, synths, low bass, horns, guitars and an organ that have all been obviously tweaked sharply at points with the cello through peeking through.

DivaFly captivates on her cello stylings and is never drowned out by production values, but is instead elevated by them. The track is indeed interesting enough to hold an audience’s attention.

“Million $ Cello” shows how DivaFly has developed as an artist through the years. This takes the good points about her earlier work and then builds on that, including a deeper, richer sound which proves far more powerful than her earlier releases.


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