Knowshun: “Dedicated (Remix)” – imaginative rhymes in a mix of street and fantasy!

Knowshun is a lyricist and producer from Chicago, IL. The rap/hip-hop artist’s latest project, a music video for his single “Dedicated (Remix)” was based on a nightmare the artist had the night before the video shoot. The cinematic music video explores dark themes of purgatory, a spirit in limbo and battling against dark forces. Gripping imagery of shadowy figures permeate the video. “Dedicated (Remix)” is featured on the mixtape “Lyrical Fire Episode Two: Liquid Napalm” written and performed by Knowshun, produced by Credit Ninja B. The original track was by MF Doom & MF Grimm. The music video was shot, directed and edited by Austin Duerst.

I read somewhere that Knowshun stated: “I like to write movies like I’m making a song, and I like to write songs like I’m making a movie.” And that is pretty much what happens on “Dedicated (Remix)”. It’s cinematic in every sense.

At this point in his career Knowshun seems to revel in his tracks being both recognizable for their creative beats and unique for their layers of hard-hitting lyrics. This is classic experimental hip-hop – very refreshing – a crisp, succulent beat with nary a hint of bling, 18″ wheels or bitches nonsense.

“Dedicated” fans, need feel no trepidation, as Knowshun gives the original beat a royal working over. The creative production is still there, but the lyrical structure on the track is a lot more complex than what you find on the original version. If you’re expecting more of the same, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Knowshun delivers his best lyrical skill and wordplay with innovative, imaginative rhymes in a mix of street and fantasy. If you’re a fan of old school rap, as well as modern-day hip hop wizardry, this one is for you.

Anyone who considers themselves a fan of underground rap should have Knowshun on their playlists. After repeated listens you’ll begin to hear the intricacies of his rhymes, understand the subliminal messages, and the metaphors.

Knowshun is such an accomplished emcee, the first time you hear him, his skill will leave you in awe, inducing you to seek out the rest of his material, which is exactly what I did. Knowshun flows are on point, tight and savvy. He is at his best on “Dedicated (Remix)”, with high quality rhymes and production by MF Doom & MF Grimm themselves. What more could you ask for?

After the countless attempts to bring the original hip hop sound back to the fore, Knowshun seems to have succeeded without much hype and concern. The amazing beat and production, plus the ridiculously inventive lyrics and flow will be right up your alley, if you have the origins of this genre at heart.

If you were stuck on a desert island and you could only have 10 tracks to listen to which certify the status of hip hop in 2019, the “Dedicated (Remix)” by Knowshun should absolutely be one of them. Do yourself a favor, quit being a slave to the mainstream mumble and grab this track!


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