G-baby: “Fake Love” – articulating his thoughts in a digestible manner

G-baby has teamed up with UK producer Kamron Lord on his wild new video “Fake Love”. The two collaborated with Videographer Brett Malinowski of Onemindcreations to take their audience on an intensely entertaining journey. This Topeka, Kansas based artist has been creating exciting music for just over two years. Quickly becoming known for his distinct flow and bass slapping beats, it’s no wonder he’s already accumulated over half a million streams. G – Baby’s fans are now eagerly awaiting his solo EP “Hard Ball” featuring his new hit single “Fake Love”.

In comparison to the minor key menace that conventionally defines contemporary street rap, sonically “Fake Love” is a surprisingly unusual release. G-baby has a distinctively hypnotic flow, and when placed on top of the track’s percussively driven, fluttering production – it sounds notably more dynamic.

Raw, substantive and lucid, G-baby unfolds his clever wordplay in a conversational tone which shows an impressive verbal dexterity and an eclectic style that sets him apart from his peers. Precisely because G-baby has a real, legitimate style all of his own, he’s able to get by without leaning on the crutch of stale, overly familiar beats. In fact this one is pretty minimal, allowing the rapper’s words to do the talking.

Moments of lyrical clarity like that, when G-baby’s observations cut through the thick smack of the snare drum and hi-hats, are easily the highlights of the record. Perhaps what also makes B G-baby stand out from his peers is his sense of melody and his ears for beats.

The song’s production stands out for sure, but G-baby never cedes his spot as the track’s star, using his signature resonant voice to blow off steam about a dead-end relationship. You’ll be nodding and humming along with the chorus and the sugary synth stabs for days on end after listening to the track: “I don’t need no fake love. Your ass need to wake up.”

G-baby establishes himself as a witty, introspective and much more than competent lyricist. He is completely capable of articulating his thoughts in a digestible manner from the listener’s perspective, unlike many of his contemporaries who simply rattle off empty platitudes that are often difficult to discern.

G-baby genuinely contributes something of value to the beat, coming through with memorable and comprehensible lyrical sheet. He also sneaks in some sharp wit through a few frank metaphors and similies. “Fake Love” is an enhanced accumulation of the best aspects of G-baby past projects, including his humor, accented flow, beat selection, word association, and rapping ability. You may not be a G-baby fan just yet, but now it’s time to give him his props for “Fake Love”.


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