“Redemption”, is Detroit-based EDM producer, Knarly Jones’ second drop in a series of four releases this summer, preceded by “Atonement” which was released in June. After spending time away from music to study mathematics and physics, Knarly returns to the electronic music scene with a refined cinematic style and a slew of new releases. “Redemption” combines cinematic scoring elements with classic electro-house feel and heavy drops to create a unique sound for 2019. Knarly goes into his bag of tricks and creates an enlightening, varied soundscape that unleashes bass all over your face. With all of this to dive into, it’s essential to listen to the tune on a high-quality system to really experience the song without being in an arena setting. “Redemption” serves up cinematic drama the minute you press play.

For the bass and growling synth heads that have been going through withdrawal symptoms, this captivating composition can put you in a good mood on any day where you feel your music soul needs to be touched by something greater. “Redemption” is a must listen to, whether you’re cabled to maximize your in-music event experience or whether you’re just a lover of hearing an epic drop, where you lose yourself in your own imagination.

Listen to this track over and over again during an all-night session with your friends until the coming of a new dawn; then lather, rinse, and repeat. You won’t get tired of these stimulating and pristine sounds. I first listened to “Redemption” in my car while I was driving to the city, which gave me plenty of time to listen to the whole thing many times over. I had no distractions and a solid sound system, where I could feel an excellent balance of highs and lows.

The order of the arrangement makes perfect sense because to me. The anticipation you feel in the beginning, the release of the first break, then the mass of heavy synths that comes before the drop, and finally a dramatic ending that hits you in the feels. Knarly Jones has a particular talent for sculpting hard-hitting synth lines that lift a song from the ground-up instead of simply weighing it down.

“Redemption” has enough change-ups to further cement that Knarly Jones certainly isn’t a one trick pony by any means. Maybe it will encourage some producers to be more creative with their synths and move beyond monotone tunes.

One thing I like about Knarly is that he is very flexible when it comes to synth sounds, and he uses a very broad spectrum of tones, textures, and even noises. At times “Redemption” sounds like a soundtrack to an adventure movie. Knarly has the potential to make bangers for days, but he really shows his producing skills when he makes a track like this.

“Redemption” presents a delicious array of sounds put together to form a track that is high-powered, creative and one that takes us on an epic journey. A definite must-have for your summer music collection.