Taymarion – “Beautiful Lies” – Lush and beautifully produced

Taymarion is a 27 yr. old Singer/Songwriter from Mount Olive, NC. The army veteran who started pursuing music at the age of 13, has just become a 2019 Carolina Music Awards Nominee (Best Male R&B). His latest single is entitled “Beautiful Lies”. The sound and overall songwriting has chivalrousness and sensibility. It’s undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. The track keeps the script going flawlessly, finding Taymarion singing of love so respectably it makes you truly embrace it without even attaching it to physical pleasures. Lush and beautifully produced, the song matches up fantastically to Taymarion artistic sensibilities and seemingly, his philosophical view on love and women.

Taymarion indulges into the warmth and soulfulness, bringing his very best to the table. He certainly knows how to deliver a succinct adult contemporary R&B ballad. The track opens with sexy, chill synth accompaniment – a perfect backdrop for Taymarion to deliver his terms of endearment.

Naturally, it grows more grandiose and dynamic by the close. It’s a slow, churning heartfelt turmoil chocked full of soulful vocals and of course, groove. Taymarion is one of those artists who really shows you how it’s done. You really get the sense that this is a hungry growing artist who’s in it for the long haul.

“Beautiful Lies” does nothing to dispel that notion.  Taymarion, regardless of the kind of song he’s performing, can always boast his signature sound – his is an inimitable voice and when blended with production that’s heavily inspired by old school aesthetics, it makes for a very unique and contemporary blend of R&B and soul.

That ‘unique blend’ is presented here, demonstrating that there’s clearly an enthusiasm for his music and plenty for people to connect with. The track marks a notably more mature sound which some of his previous songs probably weren’t aiming to capture.

Taymarion is true to himself in a time when some soul and R&B artists try to fit within the current trends in order to remain relevant.   His style, his sound and his artistry is rooted in a time when people really sang.  It is evident that it runs through his blood.

His soulful and melodious voice is able to captivate an audience, and at the same show his progression and evolution as an artist. His performance energy is infectious and his humility evident. When Taymarion is in the pocket, he is at his best. An infusion of the blueprints of his predecessors combined with his own trademark sound and style have led Taymarion to excelling heights on his latest release.

“Beautiful Lies” is an excellent contribution to 2019 and the track also works as an excellent introduction to Taymarion for anyone who isn’t too familiar with past songs or releases.  If you do fall into the latter category, hopefully this will be the song to change that.


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