International Independent Entertainer, Cips is preparing his latest album and tour!

Cips, pronounced (Sip’s) is an international independent entertainer who has done various showcases and has toured multiple times across Canada and United States. Cips has currently accomplished three Canadian tours and two American tours so far.

Performing in various major cities across Canada and United States such as Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Miami, Houston, Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, etc. Cips has also worked alongside various artists in the music Industry such as Sayzee, Big Trill, Merkules, Stitches, and many more.

His latest project titled ‘Codeine Cowboyz’ was completely created, mixed and mastered in Miami, FL, produced by Supply & Demand, and Brostski. He has opened for many artists and has made many friends in the music industry, opening for such artists as: Flipp Dinero, Troy Ave, Lil John, Rick Ross, to name a few.

Despite being born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Cips has not taken the Canadian winters to heart and has travelled to record in such infamous studios such as Mix Masters (Miami), Quad (New York), and Rebel 11 (Miami) Studios. Cips has been working closely alongside Brostski Entertainment as they prep his latest album and tour moving into the new year.

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