DBT Music Group: Mr. 716 Big Miz – “The Black Tie Tape” – poetic passion and deep philosophy!

Jermaniel “Big Miz” Harris and known as Mr. 716 hails from Niagara Falls, New York. Taking great pride in repping his city, Big Miz has been steadily developing a fanbase across North America, including major hip-hop cities such as NYC, Miami, Cleveland, and Atlanta. He has had the pleasure of performing alongside prime contenders such as Scarface, 50 Cent, Fat Joe, The Eastside Boyz, T.I., and Gucci Mane. A Business Administration major Mr. 716 Big Miz is also an entrepreneur at the core, which smartly assists him in promoting a series of successful projects, including DBT Music Group. The New York artist is currently riding the waves with two releases – The seventeen track mixtape “Still Hot Wit It”, and the fourteen track album “The Black Tie Tape”, which we’re focusing on.

Mr. 716 Big Miz’s poetic passion and deep philosophy often make him a wonder to listen to. Something I admire about him is that despite his elevated content, his words always hit home on a level you can feel. He is very down to earth, and his style is one of the more distinctive in current hip-hop.

Even though its 2020, the realness is reminiscent of the sound that was so prominent in the best time for hip-hop. Most of the production on “The Black Tie Tape” brings nothing less than impeccable for Mr. 716 Big Miz to lay down his inspiring material. What separates this emcee from many of his genre brethren, is his ability to give inner-city narratives a three-dimensional perspective, as opposed to just stereotypical shit-talk.

For this album, Mr. 716 Big Miz has gathered an impressive list of producers and features from the underground scene. Together they have created one of the most compelling hip-hop albums I have had the pleasure to hear during the last few months. From beginning to end, there are absolutely no skippable moments on “The Black Tie Tape”.

From the moment Big Miz kicks off the EP with the title track, every verse is well conceived and his lyrics are completely heartfelt. Whereas many put out albums full of fake ramblings, and other commercial braggadocio, Mr. 716 Big Miz spills his soul to the listener.

Armed with luscious sampling and thickly layered beats, the sound quality on this release is perfect, the production always fitting the mood of each track. Many of these ambitious pieces are mainly introspective and smooth, allowing plenty of room for Mr. 716 Big Miz to flex his lyrical skills, which is exactly what he does on “Get to It” ft. Raw. While every track is excellent, there are several that are most noteworthy.

The soulful “Party All Night” ft. Abeer has a mellifluous and resonating hook that is perfect for creating a sultry mood.  “Screaming They in They Bag” ft. King Mufasa rides on a jazzy cinematic score as Mr. 716 Big Miz spits truthful and intelligent lines. Both “Different Ways” ft. Raw x Boog x Horsey Da Son God and “Link” ft. Cutta are heartfelt and reflective pieces, featuring relentless raps.

The eulogy “Eastside City Life” ft. Poppy Chu is introduced by swirling horns and strings, and epitomizes introspective street poetry over soulful production. Another 70’s styled horn-blowing cinematic backdrop drives “Macarena” ft. Jamal Gasol, Boog and “Team Motivation Chaser” freestyle Ft. Boogz x Gunz.

Life and experiences are delivered with excellent lyrics and flow every time, on “We Hustle” ft. Horsey Da Son God, “Live” and Motivation Chaser ft. Jamal Gasol, Gunz. “938 In The Morning” ft. Magic is a killer ballad, and one of the most atmospherically compelling tracks on the album. The vocals are captivating on this one. “So Much Pain” ft. Maze Musiq x Gunz x Boog is a serious cultural lesson dealt with heartfelt affliction.

Throughout this recording Mr. 716 Big Miz’s earth-toned voice and impressive narrative style will infinitely grow on you, and will do so more with every listen. If one thing is evident across this album, it’s that Big Miz actually has a love for what he’s doing and every rhyme is letting you know that.

If you want an album that will not disappoint you from beginning to end, then “The Black Tie Tape” is it. It’s not just one of those albums you grab for a few singles you heard on the radio, this is more than that, it is a complete album without any filler – all tracks coming from the heart, and a true love of the game.


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