YOVANNI – ‘Stay Away’ has a powerhouse vocal, with vivid and moving lyrics

‘Stay Away’ by YOVANNI is an incredible track from beginning to end. The melody and lyrics will get you singing along, and stick in your head. It’s going to be one of those songs that will have real staying power on playlists. It is a slow-building alternative rock track that explodes into a soaring chorus which really showcases the singer’s distinctive and powerful voice. YOVANNI is also an award-winning and versatile performer having recorded various EDM bangers. The artist who moved from Cuba to Miami as a child has had formal singing lessons, and performed as backing singer to many artists, before embarking on his solo career.

‘Stay Away’ creates a powerful atmosphere and it introduces you to YOVANNI at his strongest. YOVANNI digs into the roots of his soul with this track, layered in between the piano keys, the resonant strings, and the electric guitar licks that are sharp, while the drums thump like a lumberjack striking a log.

Musical elements jump in one by one, as YOVANNI’s vocals move to full force soars. Though the tune strikes in a familiar sense, it is hard to place a finger on, while powerful hints of rushing guitar with steady bass and drums ensue.

Alternative rock, and even pop fans will want this track to keep going. It is so full and so much of what fans have been yearning for in the genre, it is hard not to want more. YOVANNI carries a consistent theme while presenting a refreshing sound, all of which makes ‘Stay Away’ a track to revisit, again and again.

The music is focused, not only around the talented vocal range, but also the layered musical arrangement and sonic textures, which certainly makes it an interesting to listen to. However the highlight of the single is something far greater than the melodies, the choruses, and even the catchy songwriting. It is YOVANNI’s voice that truly shines here.

Considering that the main appeal of his music is his voice, allowing him to break out of his EDM shell is the best thing that could have possibly happened to this artist. Forget about previous dance tracks, no matter how great, ‘Stay Away’ is the YOVANNI track you should be listening to, and something that he should have made ages ago. ‘Stay Away’ is his musical revolution. YOVANNI shows a great deal of range, dynamism and soul on this song.

‘Stay Away’ has a powerhouse vocal, with vivid and moving lyrics, that should become a chart-topping single. Overall, YOVANNI has released a compelling and well-crafted studio effort with this track. It showcases the evolution of his sound, as well as his growth and maturity as an artist.

There is no denying that YOVANNI’s vocals are the main driver of this track, even more than the lavish instrumentation that forms the backdrop of ‘Stay Away’. With amazing production values, and superb vocals, ‘Stay Away’, produced by Nik Chinboukas, is a power anthem that stands out from the crowd.


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