BentleyRecords Signing Liber Electro are back with their long-awaited album “Fuel”!

Three years have passed after the first release and Liber Electro are now back with their long-awaited album “Fuel” signed to the international label BentleyRecords. We give thanks to the whole Bentley Records team, and, in particular, Jessica J for patience and Luca Dayz!

A lot has changed during these years: members, sound, quality. Nevertheless, Liber Electro managed to keep their vigor and uncompromising attitude on the album “Fuel”

The 11 tracks found on “Fuel” were mixed at Ivaneysound in Kiev by Dmitry Ivaney – a fact that already testifies to the high-quality product. Recording features: Liudmyla Vasylieva – vocals, back vocals, Maksim Horovenko – bass, keyboard, back vocals, Vladymir Alekseev – guitar (RIP. We remember you), Zhenya Sisengaliev – guitar, Sviatoslav Yanchiuk – drums, Dmitriy Rotkin – violin (Caravan).

A special thanks goes to Konstantin Penchkovsky and SETAWR studio, as well as Aleksey Krugliachenko for an amazing cover for our album!



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