Fantastic Mr Marcel – “Tiger In a Room” – A radiant blend of styles

Fantastic Mr Marcel needed solutions. He was trying to understand himself and where he fits in due to his wild and chaotic lifestyle. His Chinese zodiac sing, is a tiger, and all these factors, led to him composing the track, “Tiger In a Room”. However, around that track, he built a stunning 7 song album of the same name. And when an album hits you in the soul like this one does, you only need one listen to recognize its greatness.

Apparently just another aspiring artist in a world full of aspiring artists. Fantastic Mr Marcel isn’t a newcomer, the multi-talented musician with a uniquely soothing voice has been bringing layers of infectious pop, rap, R&B, and soul, dating back to his “Stop Calling Me Names Mixtape”.

A year later, the singer-songwriter is ready for a follow-up, but this time daring, much more daring. It’s only fitting because there are more eyes on him, this is the moment, where a great album will solidify him as a great artist. It’s may be a bumpy road to the mountaintop but without question Fantastic Mr Marcel is destined for success.

As he opens with “The Villain Interlude”, Fantastic Mr Marcel voice is able to balance power and soul, it’s incredibly unique and pure. He’s going personal right out the gate. It’s like being wrapped in warmth, a blanket for your ears. With “Inside of Me” he’s able to make a song with poetic insight, that has hip-hop bounce, while his imagery continues to prove his pen is exquisite. As a rapper he can flow, it’s an effortless change.

Fantastic Mr Marcel has so much color in his music, it’s absolutely radiant. On “Tongue out Acoustic” he rides on a minimum backdrop of a strummed acoustic guitar, but it doesn’t make any difference as his voice is an orchestra.

His voice is warm and conversational on “Superior Animals”. The beat switch has swing, bounce, and the way he rides the expanding rhythm is the smoothness of a pro. It’s immediately clear. This is a sincere, soulful project, brimming with honesty and humble perseverance.

Fantastic Mr Marcel is a confident and unique presence, with a strong command of style and genre as a producer and songwriter. His songs leapfrog between singing and rapping with ease, and nowhere is it more evident than on “Nocturnal Creatures” ft. Suga Cain.

The slow-burning thumping tempo, of the title track “Tiger in a Room” runs through your body, and it’s hard not to move when electrified. It’s fresh, soulful, captivating, and unapologetically nonconforming.

Fantastic Mr Marcel’s musical and emotional generosity ties everything together, making “Tiger in a Room” an expansive opus that flows in multiple directions. This is powerful art, for everyone who exists beyond societal constraints. It’s for those who’ve been told they don’t quite fit, those viewed through a different lens because of their individuality.

In pure musical terms, it’s a joy of an album to play all the way through. A radiant blend of styles that go from raw stark naked production, to more fleshed-out beats. Fantastic Mr Marcel seems to be in total control of his talent, presenting the kind of substance that suggests he’s built for bigger things. Much bigger things.

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