OG Prime Minister X Northsidenate – “Life Continues” accentuates each other’s strengths

OG Prime Minister X Northsidenate drop the single “Life Continues”. This is a collaboration done right. Combining a fresh trap infused electro beat and inspired rapping, the two ecstatically set their own bar for all underground hip hop releases coming out in 2020. It doesn’t hurt that the flavorful, drool-inducing production courtesy of OG Prime Minister, lays out a gorgeous canvas for the rapper. But even without that gorgeous musical backdrop, Northsidenate would be enthralling enough to make your head nod on his own, what with his nimble flow and inventive rhymes.

OG Prime Minister’s instrumental shines thanks to its wheezing synths, heavy slapping percussion and whisking hi-hats. Northsidenate, meanwhile, rises to the occasion with stunning one-liners and evocative imagery. Never stopping once to catch his breath. For a genre so enamored with individualism, it is ironic that some of the best hip-hop tracks released in the last couple of years were collaborations.

OG Prime Minister X Northsidenate create a project that is a great blend of old-school hip-hop fundamentals – especially in its gritty wordplay – and modern styled production. In 2020, hip-hop’s style gap is seemingly wider and deeper than ever before. You’re either all vibes and slurred rhymes or lyrical-miracle traditionalist. OG Prime Minister X Northsidenate seem to find a sound that will satisfy everybody. New modern production, modern raps, but with old school wit and wordplay.

If there’s one thing the rapper certainly has, its energy. “Life Continues” has a lot of great lines throughout that’ll pique your interest. But it’s the attitude and the emotional load the rapper injects into the thought-provoking lines that gives the rhymes real weight. OG Prime Minister X Northsidenate’s sound is fresh with a hint of nostalgia, and above all, is creative and driven, which is a lot more than can be said for some of hip-hop’s current stars.

Throughout this single, both the producer and rapper are laser focused on showing that they are technically capable at their respective crafts. They showcase how easily they can grab listener’s attention with the beat and lyrical flow.

You feel like you are watching their sound and rhymes take shape. It a very inspiring flow kicked by the rapper, and shoots electricity into your ears. From beginning to end, “Life Continues” is just so captivating you can’t but help but go back and play it again.

This sounds like a fruitful partnership, with both OG Prime Minister X Northsidenate accentuating each other’s strengths, in a number of ways. “Life Continues” is a record that allows OG Prime Minister to amp up an energetic production, as well as lets Northsidenate get creative with the bountiful subject matter.

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