Matt Heart – “Baby Girl” ft. Jhuryll Phoenix – a magic carpet ride that will transport you through a myriad of emotional milestones

Over the years we have kept coming back to Matt Heart for the simple reason that he never gives up. Notwithstanding his ill health, the many trials and tribulations in his lifetime, and the fact that he remains locked outside the mainstream industry radar for some obscure reason, Matt Heart sees no obstacles in his life. He only visions a better tomorrow filled with love, hope and inspiring endeavors. Together with his son Jhuryll Phoenix and family, they have various ongoing projects – a YouTube comedy talk show FatherAndSonTalk, a website  where they are trying to raise money by selling albums and helping someone else start over with a hundred thousand dollars, a record company called 424 Records, and web series called Start Over Saga. Something Matt Heart has been forced to do more than once, due to illnesses and mishaps.

Matt Heart stands before us today, once again teamed up with his son, after working together on the brand new single “Baby Girl” ft. Jhuryll Phoenix, which was produced by BMA award winner Morgan Matthews. The song was written for Jhuryll’s daughter Nevaeh, and is dedicated to any father or grandfather with a baby girl to adore.

This is the kind of music that’s missing in today’s world and is very much in need. This is true musical mastery and meaningful music with a message. The arrangement is smooth and soulful, Matt’s voice is deeply resonant, and Jhuryll’s verse is smoking. Thankfully, and perhaps unsurprisingly, Matt has produced yet another really captivating track.

There’s something about being a ‘seasoned’ performer. They get the job done. Matt Heart’s baritone is a magic carpet ride that will transport you through a myriad of emotional milestones. If nothing else, “Baby Girl” ft. Jhuryll Phoenix proves that Matt is an artist who wields his instrument skillfully.

Like his past and present peers, the sound of Matt Heart is both vintage and timeless, polished yet passionate. Anyone can declare themselves as anything these days, but this dad and grandfather, has the tools, the endeavors and even the struggles to prove it.

Some are doing the bare minimum, and others are chasing the trends, but Matt Heart is a performer who creates his own mold and pours that raw essence into each new release. Jhuryll Phoenix is up to the challenge, with an aesthetic that appeals to the modern urban crowd. Together, father and son bring together two generations of music lovers, as they celebrate a third generation.

That’s always been the core beauty of timeless music. Perfection may be impossible, but Matt Heart comes close to achieving it with his silky cadences. He uses his nuanced instrument consistently and alluringly on “Baby Girl” ft. Jhuryll Phoenix. He ensures that the track is engaging from start to finish.

The production by Morgan Matthews is tidy: every instrument and respective riff feels as if it’s locked into the proper place. This forms the perfect foundation on which Matt Heart proves once again that he is a highly respectable class act.


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