The “New Life” CAR COMMERCIAL – written, performed, recorded, and produced by Jerry Impini

Distributed on Universal Music through the Spinnup label, Jerry Impini is a classically trained pianist, singer-songwriter and recording artist. Jerry owns 100% of his publishing and writers rights and has his works registered with BMI under Don Faustino Music.

The “New Life” CAR COMMERCIAL song/video was written, performed, recorded, and produced by Jerry Impini with all music and sound recording as a registered work with Don Faustino Music on BMI. If you enjoy a typical rock n’ roll styled groove and energy, with an addictive beat, vibrant guitar and keyboard riffs, as well as stirring lyrics to compliment them, then this is your track.

The song itself is a positive-sounding, high-energy shuffle, with vocals that shift and soar above the momentum-shoving rhythm. From the moment “New Life” CAR COMMERCIAL kicks into overdrive, Jerry Impini’s composition never lets up. Hands on the wheel, foot on the pedal, Jerry steers the track through some stirring work from the rhythm section and an incandescent melody.

Jerry Impini’s compositions deliver the kind of music that redefine the landscape of Americana rock by subversively rearranging the sounds and rhythms in a million unexpected ways.

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