Unveiling Emotion: JD Reynolds’ Latest Music Video ‘A Little Piece Of Your Heart’

JD Reynolds just released the music video for her new #1 hit, “A Little Piece Of Your Heart”, and we can’t get enough! The song has been topping the Australian Country Radio charts for three weeks straight and the video is a perfectly fitting visualization for every hopeless romantic out there. Her song tells the story of two people who fell in love with each other at a young age, and created a life together despite any backlashes and obstacles that came their way. She has us all rooting for the couple and she told Cowgirl Magazine that she hopes the music video “unearths the romance in everyone”. And don’t worry JD Reynolds, it definitely did. The singer-songwriter does more than music too; she is an actress, award-winning choreographer, and a model. We cannot wait to see what’s next for this superstar, and luckily she has set up a Patreon for all her fans to follow along!

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