EsZ – “Liquor & Emotions” – introspective and emotional

Hip-hop has been cranking out bangers and high energy anthems for decades, but the average genre historian is well aware that dark or emotional thoughts on a chill backdrop is not a foreign concept for the game. After all, profound moodiness feels rather natural for a culture that grew out of urban plight and the trauma of purposely disenfranchised people. It makes sense that at least some mellow tunes in the genre, reflect deep-thinking speculation, in what artist EsZ, describes as thoughts on “life, growth and fake friends” in his track “Liquor & Emotions”. The song is a drunk text moment to an ex-lover and soon to be ex-friend-zoner, giving the rapper yet another opportunity to wax lyrical with his poetic anecdotes, and smooth conversational flow.

“I been sipping so pardon me. Liquor & Emotions blend together call it harmony. Think I sent a message that I know I shouldn’t probably. When I get this open no controlling where it’s bout to lead,” starts EsZ, laying down the gauntlet in support of his subsequent discourse.  EsZ’s distinctly nuanced delivery comes with a meditative quality, so he rarely has trouble selling the pondered intent at the core of his songs.

The result is a wrenching set of bars that mixes bitterness with self-awareness. “Funny how some time apart could help you see the distance. New day, same mission, gotta hustle so my kid won’t have to deal with it.” EsZ compels with the detailed perspective of his personal vision that runs alongside an undercurrent of disappointment and hopelessness.

However, it’s the lingering effect with which he ends the song that sting the most: “Been drinking to remember, drinking to forget. But the feelings taking over, as if they never left. Been keeping my composure (then I) sent a text…” It’s in that precise moment that he realizes – for good or bad – he has taken a weight off his chest.

So while pop music is getting faster and happier, Rap and Hip-hop has become more introspective and emotional, as artists such as EsZ captivates listeners with smooth and mellow productions, thought-provoking lyrics and easy on the ear flows.

EsZ’s ability to tackle complex and difficult subject matter, is ingenuously showcased in each of his releases. In “Liquor & Emotions”, he uses a ‘drunk text moment’, as a perfect vehicle to communicate true sentiments.

Each of EsZ’s single releases, reveal why he can be regarded as a top tier wordsmith and storyteller. He delivers narratives with deep personal meaning which most people can both, easily empathize with, and relate to.

“Liquor & Emotions” fits perfectly onto that list. EsZ is making great music, music that will sound cool anywhere you play it.  EsZ is out here telling hard personal truths, and he’s telling them in ways that will move people.


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