Thomais de Fois – “Be Yourself” and “Echoes” – meticulous arrangements, pristine production and beautifully layered vocals

Thomais de Fois was born and raised in Athens, and has French and British ancestry. She is a multi-instrumentalist – playing piano, guitar, bass, keyboards, and percussion. Moreover, she is a singer, songwriter, composer, as well as music and vocal teacher, who runs her own band. Thomais started her classical music studies at the age of 8 and has received the Advanced Theory, Orchestration, Classical Piano, and Singing Certificates. Her first creative project was when she was 18 years old, with the band Pegasus. They released one album, on which she wrote the music and the lyrics in 3 songs, and participated by singing, playing guitars and keyboards.

Thomais de Fois released her second music project: the solo album “Part of the Whole” in 2016. This project contained a variety of music styles, including ethnic, symphonic and progressive elements. She is currently completing work on her third album, which is expected to be released within the next few months.

In the meantime we heard two new singles – “Be Yourself” and “Echoes” – which will appear on the upcoming album. Both of the aforementioned songs, as well as the single “Fade”, have been listed on the Top 10 in Greece.

Running through her songs, it becomes apparent that Thomais de Fois cannot be put into one genre box. Her music is both elated and tense, blissful and sad. Its meticulous arrangements, pristine production and beautifully layered vocals imply years of impassioned work. She’s a perfectionist with a spirit of freedom and creativity that overrules any rigidity in her work.

She moves from the plush, sublime and mysterious sound-splash of “Echoes”, singing the song’s beautiful melody over dark and propulsive bass, and sweeping washes of ambient synthesizers. The song is somehow muted and explosive at the same time, conveying an emotional ambivalence of melancholic pleasure to the ears.

Haunting and pulsating, “Echoes” is drenched in a bittersweet melody and irresistible beat that is deeply reflective. This song showcases an accomplished and intriguing performance by Thomais de Fois, without forgetting the songwriting and sublime lyric sheet. This is a track both moving and galvanizing in its emotive beauty.

As if to prove the brilliance of her versatility, the single “Be Yourself”, is the exact antithesis of the aforementioned single – loud, proud and abrasive, it rocks with a gritty upbeat fervor. Crunchy guitars riffs and banging drums, drive the song’s underbelly, as Thomais turns up the intensity in her voice, setting fire to the arrangement.

The dynamic rhythm of “Be Yourself” is like an authentic roller-coaster ride, flourishing and deviating, while pushing the excitement levels through the ceiling. There is much here to admire and to appreciate, as Thomais de Fois engages her audience with a thunderous performance.

Though on opposite sides of the sonic spectrum, Thomais de Fois manages to maintain absolute brilliance and consistency throughout “Be Yourself” and “Echoes”. These songs show the remarkable talent that Thomais has in harnessing the power of melody, and the meeting of rock and the exquisitely sublime, to create unique and impactful music.

Thomais de Fois’ songs are led by instinct, but given space to grow and develop organically. They all have a beating heart at their core, which makes for a thrilling listen!



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