Vincent Krennerich – “Verlassene Stadt” – plenty of delicate aural color

Vincent Krennerich is a composer, songwriter and pianist from Germany. The artist, who has featured on our pages before, has released his double-side single, entitled, “Verlassene Stadt”, which translated, would mean ‘abandoned city’. The second track, contained in this set, is called “Morgengrauen”, which in English, would mean ‘dawn’. However if you heard these compositions, there would be no need to translate them, as Krennerich’s music describes itself rather poignantly.

Though stripped back and basic solo piano, the key to the success of both these recordings, is the propensity Vincent Krennerich has in composing subtly fine melodies. Both tracks have irrefutable relaxing values, which is the goal of the artist in this case. But this does not come at the expense of the songs being plain and boring. There is plenty of delicate aural color in the songs via their understated but lingering tones.

Vincent Krennerich
Vincent Krennerich

Simple and classy, this double-sided single features Vincent Krennerich and his piano with no additional clutter. And the journey begins with “Morgengrauen”. Krennerich uses a chord progression that translates into a quietly pensive rhythm. It sent me off to a meandering road bordered with vacant buildings, and a line of trees allowing tiny rays of the early morning sunlight to flicker through onto the worn and weathered tarmac.

One strength of Vincent Krennerich, as an artist, is his keen ability to write inspiring music with appropriately titled songs that express his thoughts non-verbally, but allows you to translate them into your own personal interpretations. He paints an outlining template, and lets you to fill in the colors, according to your frame of mind.

The melancholy and moody theme, continues on “Verlassene Stadt”, which is a solid musical exploration. There are no diminishing returns here, just attributes of elegance, grace and beauty, ‘despite the city being abandoned’, so to speak. The piece is dreamy and ambient, floating effortlessly on Krennerich’s piano flourishes, which sooth and calm the spirit.

Personally, it continues to take me further down the road I encountered on “Morgengrauen”, only with a slightly more sustained pace, and an expanded vision, as Krennerich proves once again how well the piano describes many different kinds of imagery. “Verlassene Stadt” beautifully expresses feelings of isolation and loneliness, as well as the beacon of light we have in our souls.

There are plenty of excellent pianists in this world, but the combination of Vincent Krennerich’s understated mastery of the piano, and his highly expressive and deeply emotional compositions, puts him in an elite group of artists.

Although much of his music is melodic and serene, this is a recording that absolutely needs to be listened to and savored, not simply heard in the background. I have a strong feeling that we’re going to be hearing a lot more about Vincent Krennerich as he reaches more ears and hearts.



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