AKA Louis – ‘Le Disciple de La Colombe/L’Eloge’ takes the journey of Malcolm X and threads its narrative

“This is the age of men, not of pygmies, not of serfs and peons and dogs, but men and we who make up the membership of the Universal Negro Improvement Association reflect the new manhood of the Negro,” wrote Marcus Garvey. Malcolm X’s first influence was his parents Earl and Louise Little, both avid followers of Garvey. Earl Little died when Malcolm was only six, a death that Malcolm would later attribute to white supremacists, while his mother was institutionalized when Malcolm was in his teens.

He subsequently fell prey to the influences of the streets, while at that point Malcolm held no prejudice against whites; in fact three white women were his partners in crime. But when their robbery ring was busted in 1946, Malcolm X and a black accomplice received harsh sentences, while the white women walked away without a charge.  There started the legend, trials and tribulations of the iconic Malcolm X.

‘Le Disciple de La Colombe/L’Eloge – Une OEuvre Poétique En Hommage à Malcolm X’, presents itself simultaneously as a Book, an Audio Album, and a Short Film. Translated into English, the project by French Poet, Drawer, Sketch Artist, Photographer, and Short Film Maker AKA Louis would be titled ‘The Disciple of The Dove/The Praise – A Poetic Work In Tribute To Malcolm X’. It is in essence a tribute to the greatness of Malcolm X, and ultimately a call for peace.

As always AKA Louis draws his themes and topics from factual data and translates them into powerful messages through poetic imagery by way of words, visuals and sonic design.  AKA Louis takes the journey of Malcolm X and threads a narrative that traces his evolution – the trials, convictions and commitments that would mark his rise and legend, as well as the immense heritage he left behind.

At the same time ‘Le Disciple de La Colombe/L’Eloge – Une OEuvre Poétique En Hommage à Malcolm X’, forces us to seriously ponder our present troubled times, and our own existence and testimony. The music all throughout the recording, is composed by Hans Sino in delicate brushstrokes of mellifluous harmony, while the spoken word poetry is performed by AKA Louis.

Though an entity able to standalone, the short film ties the entire project together, and was completed in a week. It seeks to encourage the idea of community, alliance and fellowship, while at the same time alleviating the spirit and appreciation of art and creativity.

Creative art is dynamic, with new trends and styles emerging at a fast pace. However, the final attempt of the artist is that it speaks to the viewer on a personal level, something AKA Louis achieves here.

His words, music and visuals throughout the ‘Le Disciple de La Colombe/L’Eloge project, opens up a stream of consciousness that intends to touch every person that comes across it. Through these recordings, AKA Louis asks questions and provides his vision about who we are, what we value, and the importance of the human condition.

‘Le Disciple de La Colombe/L’Eloge – Une OEuvre Poétique En Hommage à Malcolm X’ gives voice to AKA Louis’ ideals and feelings, while at the same time connecting us to the past, reflecting the present, and anticipating the future.


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