Everything special about Chelsea Klein is carefully crammed into “Karma”

“Karma”, Chelsea Klein’s follow up, to her massively streamed single, “Gravity”, grounds itself in a driving modern-day sound while asserting an intimate connection to the listener that few artists have the confidence or skill to match in 2020. It follows the same trajectory of increasingly polished songwriting and innovative production of its predecessor. “Karma” marks a bold and definitive step forward for an artist who in her personal and private life has had a hard time standing up for herself in situations where she was wronged.

Looking back, Chelsea has always felt frustrated at her past lack of confidence, when she avoided confrontation on being treated poorly. She always told herself that ‘karma’ would take care of it and moved on.

In the video clip, made for “Karma”, Chelsea Klein actually uses her past experiences and her love for horror movies, as a foundation to create a new version of herself, which puts her in a clear position of domination and power. It’s a performance that lives and breathes the air of absolute vindication in the presence of anyone who has wronged her.

“Karma” holds its own as a refreshingly original take on the genre, with one of the track’s most powerful attributes being Chelsea’s vivid approach to storytelling. She has crafted something entirely of her own, refined by a canny approach to lyricism and unbridled honesty. The ‘karma’ in her song can metaphorically be considered Chelsea’s personal hitman, ready to take out all wrongdoers.

Not content to serve up mere nostalgia, Chelsea Klein takes the cadences and beats of the best grooves within her genre, adds up-to-the-minute production thrills, and filters it all through the consciousness of a sensitive woman forced to finally stand up and empower herself – one who will no longer suffer at the hands of others.

Everything special about Chelsea Klein is carefully crammed into “Karma”. Juxtaposing traditional Pop’s smooth catchiness against EDM’s emphatic electronic bump, Chelsea croons sultrily with an R&B lilt, while twisting rhythmic syncopations bang and sizzle around her. She strikes an incredible balance between sultry and crystal clear vocals, and her vocal range is as impressive as her narrative.

With her newfound sense of self, the singer oozes confidence and dominance, proving there is light at the end of any tunnel if you want it. Chelsea Klein overcomes her vulnerabilities, defeats her demons, and shows her strengths on “Karma”, while displaying a strong sense of self-awareness that naturally comes with unraveling her own psychological and emotional space.

Here, the artist transitions from a dependent and wounded woman to a self-reliant and self-confident one, who isn’t afraid to be straightforward about what she desires, and what she won’t tolerate.

Giving a brand new meaning to sweet revenge, “Karma” solidifies Chelsea Klein’s place as a true force to be reckoned with in the Pop, Dance and R&B categories. Her distinctive flair and transparent star quality is stamped all over her latest release, so don’t sleep on her, Chelsea Klein here to stay.


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