KGVonne is a 20 year old rap artist from East Orange NJ. A brand new entry on the circuit, he always had a love for rapping, but only started making music seriously since the beginning of 2020. KGVonne released his single “WALKEM” on 11/26/2020, and has more music lined up for release. In what many would say is the worst year of recent memory from many perspectives, the music of 2020 has been really strong. We’ve had a strong year from established R&B acts, along with the rise of some younger, new Hip-hop and Rap artists such as KGVonne.

While KGVonne comes into the game with his own distinctive sound you can hear that a lot of his foundation is built on what the most successful artists on the scene have been delivering over the past decade. This puts him into the conversation straight off the cuff. KGVonne clearly wanted to set a tone with this single, making everyone aware of why he should be in that conversation.

“WALKEM” is everything we appreciate the new wave of rap for. The melody, the flow, even the little skills such as dominating voice inflections are all in play in this song, along with a hypnotizing musical vibe that will live in your head. KGVonne’s flow is contagious, his wordplay slick and effortless, and he comes away from this release on top of his game.

KGVonne has come out and hit hard with “WALKEM”, indicating that he can be in the same league as his contemporaries, yet very diverse and consistent, which should lead him to grow his audience quickly. He came through with the intention on this project, to show his prowess right from the get-go.

While KGVonne has proven that, this project also reveals absolute quality production – inventive keys, growling basslines and a busy Trap beat. At the same he pushes the track’s runtime through sheer force of personality, showing a level of self-awareness and composure that few other new rappers in his position have possessed.

Leaving plenty of room to grow as an artist. KGVonne is clearly set to make great strides as both a rapper and a songwriter. KGVonne is making his way in the rap world, and “WALKEM” embodies his way of telling us that he’s about to step up his game, as he introduces listeners to his polished flow and triumphant disposition.

Existing as he does between the forceful complexity of earlier rap conventions and the slippery assemblage of modern-day hip-hop subsidiaries, the sturdy beat anchors his flow and gives him a foil to bounce off of. KGVonne’s raw talent, delivery, and hunger make this project easy to get into. The new single, “WALKEM”, is what it sounds like to flex on those who may have doubted you.

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