Meddafore – “All Out Together” ft. Pad Thai Soundsystem presents a stunningly polished musical vision

In a world already devastated and divided by cultural, political and socio-economic differences, the last thing the human race needed, was to be quarantined and distanced. Within the contest of the Covid-19 pandemic, the usual divisive and disintegrating forces have been in active operation. Under the Trump administration we were keen to call COVID-19 as a “China Virus” or “Kung Flu”, in an attempt to emphasize already stressful East-West tensions. Prior to the pandemic The American administration had already been hard at work dividing families at the USA borders, and shrewdly restricting the entrance of Muslims into the country.

It is against this alienating and discordant backdrop that Someplace Called Brooklyn / Soulspazm announced the release of “All Out Together” – the debut single from Philly mixtape legend Meddafore (who now resides in Lower East Side/Chinatown – NYC), aka Mr. Let Em Know. The track is a unifying statement of optimism which pairs Meddafore with Bangkok-based Pad Thai Soundsystem (Peagreen Voxwagun & Brooklyn Shanti, who feature on the track.

Forging a mix of catchy melody and hard-hitting bars “All Out Together” allows Meddafore to express his views of the US, as well as those from the Asian subcontinents. Together with Pad Thai Soundsystem, the collaboration brings a powerful message of unity and togetherness. “One for all, all for one, we all out together,” recites the hook. “Together forever, let the beats play. Together like Snoop, Em, 50 and Dre,” exclaims Peagreen Voxwagun.

“All Out Together” shares the vocals of Meddafore, Peagreen Voxwagun, Brooklyn Shanti, who each get to flex their skills and speak their minds, while Shanti also produced the track. This song will get stuck in your head and stay with you long after the music stops. There’s very little not to like about this project. The work of the collaborators is both forward thinking and classic hip-hop at the same time, something that can appeal to a larger audience.

Meddafore and Pad Thai Soundsystem, feature a controlled melding of idiosyncratic voices and sounds that come together into a consistently enticing whole. Each voice holds its own valuable, distinct place, shining brightly with effortlessly smooth lines. It’s also clear that each of the artists here, have had the chance to breathe, to live, to process, and to understand the world they live in. Hence the making of “All Out Together”.

In its uplifting outspokenness, and conscious bravado, “All Out Together” presents a stunningly polished musical vision. This project, overall, accomplishes more in two minutes and forty-five seconds, than most artists achieve in an entire album. Meddafore and Pad Thai Soundsystem’s particular brand of magic comes from the careful balance of individuality in their unity. The tighter they are, the greater the music will be, and “All Out Together” is testimony to that.

“All Out Together” is boiling over with musical ideas, charisma, uplifting motivation, and intelligence. Meddafore and Pad Thai Soundsystem have a world of talent and should continue to do whatever they’re doing. It’s working. On every level!


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