Shawty Boy – “I Really Rap” comes with all the latest sonic wizardry and new-wave rapping mechanics

Shawty Boy is a rapper out of Atlanta, Georgia who came to the forefront of popularity as a teenage rapper in the early 2000’s. In 08 Shawty made an appearance with Alphamega and T.I. in the video “Uh-Huh”, and has features with artists like Young Thug, Rich the Kid, Young Dro, Souja Boy and other big league players under his belt. Now firmly on the comeback trial as a matured artist, Shawty has dropped his 10 track EP, entitled “I Really Rap”.

Shawty Boy sounds aware, refreshed, and energized on “I Really Rap”, shifting between cadences and registers with balanced dexterity. One moment Shawty is rhapsodizing erotically on “Lipgloss” ft. DC DaVinci, the next his grunting grittily on “Yeah Nigga Yeah”, and melodizing hazily on the psychedelic “Playin’ Krazy” ft. DC DaVinci. Somehow he has the stamina to keep this up for the entire duration of the recording.

“I Really Rap” is, without question, the most ideal culmination of every single shred of musical personification that Shawty Boy has learned from, started on his own, or perfected thus far in his career. The EP as a musical project paints what can only be described as an entirely vivid culmination of Shawty Boy long-standing musical career up to this point.

Few artists can stay relevant or successfully embrace today’s topical sounds and trends after 10 years in the game. Ten years is a lifetime in hip-hop. Yet Shawty Boy succeeds, sounding like he just burst onto the scene with all the latest sonic wizardry and new-wave rapping mechanics.  And he wastes no time in showcasing all his wares in this latest artistic statement.

Moving forward we come across “Hollyhood”, featuring spiraling hi-hats and handclaps. Shawty’s flow is staggered in a flurry of contrasting deliveries fired rapidly and with finesse. “Vegas” comes at you in an awe-inspiring and completely thrilling fashion, as Shawty turns up the aggression dial. These tracks all feature lushly layered instrumentals with flamboyant sampling and brazen drumbeats.

“Add It Up” allows for a chill downtempo moment with shimmering keys and skittering hi-hats, before Shawty launches himself into the intense melodic anthem, “2day”. The beat bangs, and Shawty Boy matches that exact energy with his equally industrious vocal force that takes not a single second to slow down. It cannot be stressed enough how much of an immersive, captivating, and frankly astounding musical experience that this EP brings.

Sometimes, it’s Shawty Boy clever rhyme patterns that grab your attention. At other times, it’s his infectious vocal nuances and choruses that do the trick. No matter his approach, you consistently feel as though you are in the presence of an artist who has spent years honing his craft as a rapper and now is as eager as ever to display his formidable abilities on the mic.

“She Don’t Kare” brings a bouncy and catchy vibe, to make sure the EP doesn’t fall off at the end. Shawty has different bars and a different flare to his melodies, which sets him apart from his contemporaries, and always keeps you guessing as to where the song will take him.

He closes the show with “Hoes N Affect”, leaving you with the thought that the sound and vision for this EP is exactly what Shawty wanted. It feels that comfortable. Stellar from beginning to end, at the end of the day, “I Really Rap” should swiftly propel Shawty Boy into the upper echelon of the new wave rap scene.


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