T Capo – “Only Fan” ft. Rayane Aznag – one of the more catchy tracks of the year!

Artist, singer, and songwriter originating from Daugai, Lithuania, and now based in London, England – T Capo releases his latest groove-driven anthem, “Only Fan”, featuring Rayane Aznag. Here the talented artist gifts us with a melody that is highly infectious and bars that are sentimentally certified. Additionally, he proves to the world once again that he is more than capable of making a hit-sounding track out of a chill downtempo instrumental. From the opening bars on through to the very last second, T Capo and Rayane Aznag display their unique blend of introspective rhymes and melodic twists.

This generation of hip-hop listeners, love deep resonating vibes, hazy melodic atmospheres, and smooth soul-stirring textures, to support the chewy verses and hooky choruses. T Capo delivers the entire package with “Only Fan” ft. Rayane Aznag. T Capo’s mellow, lilting raps have poise, and when they lock into a groove, they confidently drive the momentum. Rayane Aznag sticks close to the script, making sure things stay smooth and soulful.

Once you press play, you become instantly aware of what distinguishes T Capo from the pack. His poise, and his incredible facility for clever wordplay, along with his fluid voice able to thrust the emotion through the verses and flows. Rayane Aznag serves as a great contrasting vocal presence, with an ability to weave catchy melodies in between the bars.

T Capo’s upward trajectory continues from “I Don’t Need You”, with “Only Fan” standing out as one of the more catchy tracks of the year. The song is consistently memorable, filled with a standout beat, flows and melodies. T Capo maneuvers his way through this track, flexing the fruits of his labor. His cadence delivers perhaps the most addictive moments on the track, alongside Rayane Aznag’s melodic endeavors.

Starting at the age of 12, and with 10 years of experience in the industry, T Capo is a natural when it comes to what pockets to hit, how many words to fit into a bar and what flow to incorporate to compliment the beat. Above all, he is most comfortable over this downtempo production.

To be fair, T Capo has also taken his songwriting up a notch. What impresses me the most with this track, is that, in a time where the urban music and new wave crossover pop scene is so over saturated and formulated, T Capo was able to deliver with an extremely well-crafted song. He clearly possesses all the tools to become a serious contender in the game.

At the end of day, T Capo’s addictive flows, improved songwriting and beat production choice, milks the most out of this listen. “Only Fan” ft. Rayane Aznag is a track that absolutely knows the winning formula.

This single project is the perfect primer to showcase what T Capo can bring to the table, validating his standing from his previous release. Dropping 11/12/2020, you’ll be able to get “Only Fan” ft. Rayane Aznag produced by Ayarebeats, onto your playlist before the year closes.


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