4k$NOW – “When The Times Right” (prod. 2001 x thisisebo) – a distinctive experience

4k$NOW is an artist out of San Antonio, Texas. He creates hip hop and rap but I also like to indulge in alternative genres. Having had 5 years of experiences working with DAWs, 4k$NOW records, mixes and masters all his vocals and the beats, which he usually selects online or gets from producer friends. The artist has been on the scene for about two years now, and is currently promoting his latest single, “When The Times Right” (prod. 2001 x thisisebo). The San Antonio singer-songwriter and rapper, is a talented mood-crafter. He knows the words, production, and stylistic approach to present his perspective in ways that captivate. 4k$NOW brings a personal take, to past and current melodic hybrids, but with a pen and voice uniquely his. He is a young artist building from his own blueprint.

“When The Times Right” (prod. 2001 x thisisebo), kicks off with shimmering guitars, skittering hi-hats and low bottom end, driven by a slow-burning, throbbing beat. “Call me on my phone. I won’t pick it up. Tell me what it is baby. Tell me what it was baby. I’ve been on them drugs, fucking up my head baby. I can fall asleep on top your bed baby,” sings 4k$NOW giving us the gist of the twisted romantic narrative.

The melodic flow works well. 4k$NOW has a voice that’s mellifluous and controlled, which carries plenty of weight to be felt. His vocals are as clear and pure, with the It’s the kind of honesty that sounds sincere. When he sings of love and sadness, you feel how real it is. These aren’t fabricated feelings for the sake of the song, but rather a song for the sake of the songwriter’s emotions.

Production is beautifully pristine, sitting in the background with a powerful presence but without overwhelming the vocals. 4k$NOW practically rapping and singing on what sounds like waves of gleaming guitar and ukulele strings. This is a very blissful record. I don’t know if that was the intent, but I feel very soothed and cozy, notwithstanding the narrative indicates troublesome relationship events.

I really like 4k$NOW on this type of track, as he has the correct penmanship for intimate, personal sounding songs. He is also keenly aware of his artistic strengths, and plays to them naturally. 4k$NOW makes no attempts at mimicking anyone else, and finds ways to expand his comfort zones which are able to captivate the listener.

Love and all its obstacles are the major themes at the heart of most music, but 4k$NOW is able to make his personal exploration a distinctive experience. 4k$NOW’s stories are honest, heartfelt, and relatable, and that is what transpires from “When The Times Right” (prod. 2001 x thisisebo).

His raw and unsealed lyrics seem to focus on a firsthand experience, proving there is power in showcasing your truth. The track presents everything fans have grown to love about the alternative and new wave hip-hop sound. No doubt, 4k$NOW has every right to be in the conversation with “When The Times Right” (prod. 2001 x thisisebo).


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