“DownTown Mystic On E Street Deluxe” thrusts the band’s energy to the forefront!

On January 22, Sha-La Music, Inc. released the DownTown Mystic On E Street Deluxe album by US Roots Rocker DownTown Mystic. The album   has been released to Radio exclusively on AirPlayDirect, debuting at #2 on the APD Global Rock/AAA Chart and distributed worldwide by The Orchard/Sony Music, now available on Amazon and Apple and iTunes. The DownTown Mystic On E Street Deluxe album expands upon the 4-song EP released a few years back with newly remastered tracks, along with previously unreleased material.

Robert Allen

Due to the recent release and success of DownTown Mystic: Used Records History 1979-1985, DownTown Mystic writer/producer Robert Allen came across the original demos for the songs and decided to put together an album to show how the project came about and evolved.

“The Used Records History project showed me there was value in what I had done in the past and when I listened to the old tapes of these songs it all made sense to release them together,” explained Robert.

The album which also features the skilled craftsmanship of drummer Max Weinberg and bass player Garry Tallent – both members of the famed E Street Band – opens with “Way To Know” Deluxe Remaster.

This is a fantastic rocker of a record, which adds to the renaissance brilliance of 21st-century DownTown Mystic. The song has been a big success on worldwide radio, going to #1 on the Indie Charts in the US and Europe. It is also one of DownTown Mystic’s most sync-licensed tracks, appearing several times on NBC TV’s ‘The Voice’.

The second track, “And You Know Why” Deluxe Remaster, with its rich, driving melodic motifs, and straight-ahead rock and roll groove, is exactly the reason why DownTown Mystic has sync-licensed music on more than 200 TV shows.

“Hard Enough” is said to be a showcase for DownTown’s motto – “vintage yet modern”. The song thrusts the band’s energy to the forefront. The vocals and chunky guitars give the song a full sound that makes it a hugely enjoyable listen.

Garry Tallent & Max Weinberg

“Sometimes Wrong (Demo)” forges big gravelly choruses and resonating guitar hooks that grab and refuse to let go, this is rock n’ roll at its rawest, strongest and most addictive. This is followed by the evolved, and more refined version of “Something Wrong” – 1985, featuring dominant keyboards alongside the abrasive guitars. My passion goes decidedly with the rawer demo version, but it’s a question of personal taste.

Moving forward we encounter “Hard Enough” – 1985, “And You Know Why” – 1984, and “Way To Know” – 1984. What the DownTown Mystic project manages to do, with seemingly effortless grace, is combine the authenticity of relatable stories with an everyman type of charm that resonates across the generations.

What they have to say isn’t confined to any single demographic. Their songs are timeless, while the music and vocals are strong right from the demo stages. There is a believability in the lyrics, a gritty realism combined with a romantic vision, which is all but lost in today’s music.

The DownTown Mystic project has once again surpassed itself in all departments with DownTown Mystic On E Street Deluxe, producing one of the most interesting releases this early in the year so far. It manages to capture everything that is good about the DownTown Mystic sound – from demos to completed tracks.

Robert Allen and his illustrious crew give us yet another comprehensive vision of their craft, without sacrificing authenticity or integrity in the process, a rare feat and one that should be applauded.

Listen to On E Street Deluxe: https://tinyurl.com/y7qx4jok
Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/yclwx3vy

On E Street Deluxe available on:
Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/yy8ljjdj
Apple Music/iTunes: https://tinyurl.com/y9vagvel

Hard Enough video: https://youtu.be/n01Khl20KF4

Homepage: https://downtownmystic.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DTMystic/
DownTown Mystic YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/DowntownMystic1
DownTown Blog: https://downtownmystic.net/blog/

Twitter: @DTMysticband
Sha-La Music: http://sha-lamusic.com
Twitter: @shalaman

Max Weinberg: https://www.maxweinberg.com/
Garry Tallent: http://www.garrytallent.com/

AirPlay Direct: https://tinyurl.com/yy4dasby
iPluggers: https://ipluggers.com/downtownmystic

Formed in 1987Sha-La Music, Inc. is an independent Publishing & Production company that includes a Record Label with worldwide digital distribution. Sha-La has scored sync success with top Music Licensing companies in New York, Los Angeles, Nashville and Chicago.

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