SlowMo – “Westside” feels a lot sleeker than most new wave pop and trap

SlowMo is a 21 year old Canadian based singer, songwriter and actor. His music offers a mix of RnB, pop and is nuanced by trap bringing the Montreal underground culture to his sounds. His Salvadorian roots steadfast, SlowMo straddles cultural barriers with music in French, English and Spanish. Growing up in the St-Michel neighborhood, he first connected with music while attending church. He then took singing lessons while learning to play the guitar, the drums and the piano. SlowMo has collaborated with well-known producer RuffSound who worked with artists like Dua Lipa and Loud. His latest single is “Westside”.

In popular music, there’s no better thing to be than a comfort for listeners. “Westside” has a caramel sweet melody and a smooth, breezy groove that is absolutely ear-catching. The loping rhythm, and shimmering guitar orchestrations are nearly as romantic as SlowMo’s lyrics here, with the singer rap-crooning his lines alongside sentimental nuances. Beyond lover-boy romanticism, there’s also ruminating introspection to be found.

“Westside” is immediately SlowMo’s most listenable work and may well be the catchiest underground track you’ll hear this early in 2021. He proves his melodic capacity to be significantly more expansive than many of his contemporaries, and a whole lot easier on the ear.

You’ll sing along with most of the chorus on the very first listen. Among the selling points on this record is the lush, rhythmic production of handclaps and hi-hats, propelled by a thumping bass drum.

SlowMo is made for this track, with his chill persona and his melodic abilities, delivering smooth verses and a memorable chorus. In fact SlowMo excels at this pop-rap sound, taking it to another level with his melodic prowess.

His conversational expressiveness shines over the course of verses, as well as the fantastic chorus. All of this allows “Westside” to be packed full of vibes. Further amplifying the goodness of the brilliant production work.

Also boding well in SlowMo’s favor is a respectable narrative, songwriting, and theme. It’s crowd-pleasing without being over the top. As previously mentioned, SlowMo’s vocal flow works very well for this type of music. His singing is the best thing about this project and shows how truly versatile he is. On this new track, it sounds as if SlowMo has realized who he wants to be as an artist.

 It is obvious that he has fully embraced his abilities on “Westside”. You can tell that he is making music that he truly does want to make. He’s got a knack for real melody and a great sense for catchy production that feels a lot sleeker than most new wave pop and trap.

SlowMo’s artistic growth will hardly go unnoticed, and he’s already reached a level where he’s developed a sound that fits him like a glove. There is a tightness and focus on crafting an excellent track that keeps the bar on “Westside” so high. SlowMo has been just as compelling in the past, but here on “Westside”, he has achieved a lot more with much less.


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