A Pocket Full of Wonder – “People and Places” – a thoughtful lyricist with a powerful poetic slant

A Pocket Full of Wonder is the project name for a singer-songwriter from the Kent, England. He has been writing music for around 10 years, and enjoys creating within different genres and different languages, such as German rap, Mandarin pop, and English acoustic, etc. He says that he like to have fun with music. The single, “People and Places” was written by A Pocket Full of Wonder and produced by an outside source. “It is a story about my own life – trying to figure out what to do next, and realizing what is most important to me in the process,” explained the artist.

It’s hard to pin A Pocket Full of Wonder down into one genre. His sweet crooning voice rivals any of his pop contemporaries, and the instrumentals used in his songs are just as primed and sheened for radio play. I guess it is for the listener to decide, because I’m sure everyone will have a different take on the music. The only thing clearly evident, is that his sound is top tier, and in the here and now. Let’s just say that he is the ultra-modern version of the classic troubadour.

For as much as the music is catchy and ear-warming, A Pocket Full of Wonder is a thoughtful lyricist with a powerful poetic slant. He’s a great storyteller, and his narratives are filled with vivid imagery that carry a blend of intellectual, metaphysical and emotional weight. A Pocket Full of Wonder has a strong knack for composing solid, relatable songs with a progressive and expansive pop edge.

“People and Places” is filled with cleanly strummed guitars, subtle shimmering keys, gracefully executed percussion, and a bouncy airiness that keeps it effervescent on the surface, while lyrically A Pocket Full of Wonder digs deeper in the darker undergrowth of discovery. The singer brings the listener on an unforgettable ride filled with melody and intrigue, as he quickly sets the atmosphere and mood.

“I’m still looking for, I’m still searching for, something I don’t know,” he sings in the opening lines, concluding: “People think I’m crazy, oh I might be losing my mind. But I know there’s something else to find.” It’s an addictive tune, with a soul-searching narrative that’s somehow never overwhelming or melodramatic, as A Pocket Full of Wonder manages to keep the tones scintillating and spirited.

A Pocket Full of Wonder vocal performance is nothing short of amazing. He sounds like an extremely confident and fully competent vocalist with a great range, and here his voice is given the volume and presence it deserves, dominating the music. Furthermore, he comes through with an accomplished melody, especially in the chorus, making it a supremely affecting musical moment.

Despite the great sounds in his playlist, “People and Places” is easily the track with the strongest sense of personal identity. Moreover, the single continues to show that the name A Pocket Full of Wonder is synonymous with super-quality songwriting, singing and production. His musical world is one rife with unique insights and detailed narratives, always able to emotionally connect.


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