A Much Needed Respite During Escalating Occurrences Resulting From Covid Portland, OR [ Grimm Girl Music ]  Award winning recording artist Kathryn Grimm (Jeff Buckley, Bo Diddley, Michael Bolton) has done it again – she’s written yet another hook-laden anthem with a strong message  that may just be life changing forContinue Reading

Right from the moment established Finnish Turku singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and professional visual artist, Mauri Dark, conceived his debut album, “Dreams Of A Middle-Aged Man”, he had a clear image of how the album was going to be: “A minimalistic, honest, intimate, personal and autobiographical singer-songwriter album, with a background paintingContinue Reading

“I’m always fighting an invisible war. My prayers haven’t seen before. In soft glow of moonlight. I sense so easily meltdowns yet to be. Little one, let me rock your soul,” recites the opening lines of “Mother’s Day-The Mother’s Tale”, a track from David Arn’s latest album featuring singer AvaContinue Reading

The Swedish singer-songwriter, Johan Ruborg, rides the wave where classic and heartland rock, Americana, and guitar-infused modern sensibilities converge. He delivers a record – with his brand new album ‘Villain of the Piece’ – that plays for keeps, with a generous slice of storytelling power in tow. John’s raw soulfulness,Continue Reading

March, 16th sees the release of the brand new single “Union Town” by Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, Damian Sage. Damian is a thoughtful and compassionate writer, and he’s backed by the strong production. With all the lush organic classicism and narrative contentment, it would be easy for this track toContinue Reading

This isn’t my first encounter with Chords of Truth. I’ve heard almost all of his older stuff and to be honest, I have always appreciated his talent, and have felt a connection to his music. Jason Garriotte aka Chords of Truth, released his debut EP “Reflections of Reality” in early 2012, and has subsequentlyContinue Reading