Seth Hilary Jackson’s Musical Odyssey: ‘Throwing Good Love After Bad Blood’

Seth Hilary Jackson is an American singer-songwriter whose unique sound blends classic rock, country, and pop. He started releasing his own music at the age of 62 after years of writing songs for others. His music has been recorded by various artists, featured in films and TV, and even topped the European Country Music Association charts. Seth has been featured in American Songwriter magazine and held a prominent position in the Nashville Songwriters Association International. Notably, he was honored with a Presidential invitation to the White House for his song “Pfc Ross A. McGinnis,” performed at a Medal of Honor ceremony.

With his single, “Throwing Good Love After Bad Blood,” Seth Hilary Jackson cements his position as a musical storyteller extraordinaire. His ability to craft melodies that touch the deepest recesses of our souls is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Through this song, he gifts us an intimate glimpse into his personal journey, while simultaneously prompting us to reflect upon our own.

Seth Hilary Jackson’s music is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, a reminder that love can triumph over pain, and a clarion call to embrace the transformative power of vulnerability.

As we lose ourselves in the evocative melody and emotionally charged lyrics of “Throwing Good Love After Bad Blood,” we emerge on the other side with hearts both heavy and uplifted, forever changed by the profound musical journey we have embarked upon. At the core of this captivating opus lies Seth Hilary Jackson’s voice – a conduit that effortlessly carries the weight of an entire universe of emotions.

The song’s mid-tempo, edgy rock quality provides the perfect sonic backdrop to the singer-songwriter’s narrative. The vibrant strumming of acoustic six-strings blends seamlessly with the resonant pianos, while fiery electric guitar motifs inject a crunchy intensity.

“Throwing Good Love After Bad Blood” is a testimony to Seth Hilary Jackson’s lyrical prowess. The song opens with poignant lines that reveal a painful truth: “I never met my grandpa on my mother’s side, he abandoned her when she was only five.” These words lay bare the generational pain that weighs heavily on the artist’s shoulders. The shadows of a troubled past loom large, further compounded by a childhood marked by parents who treated marriage as a civil war. From these depths of brokenness, Seth Hilary Jackson fearlessly confronts his vulnerabilities and acknowledges the fractures within his own being.

With a deft turn of phrase, Seth Hilary Jackson invites introspection, speaking directly to his listener: “Whatever you might see in me today, knowing where I came from, I’m afraid.” These words resonate with a profound honesty, offering a glimpse into the complexities that drive his actions and shape his relationships.

The chorus bursts forth with a powerful revelation: “You’re throwing good love after bad blood; you don’t need this kind of pain. You’re throwing good love after bad blood; heartache flowing through my veins.” Here, Seth Hilary Jackson artfully captures the paradox of love and pain, recognizing the struggle to break free from the clutches of familial patterns.

The artist unveils his innate desire for change, singing, “If I could change, you’d be worth changing for – I wanna try, but you gotta be warned.” In this moment of vulnerability, he bares his soul, confessing his longing for transformation while acknowledging the inherent difficulties that lie ahead. The chorus resounds once more, a passionate cry against the currents of heartache that course through his veins, challenging the listener to contemplate their own journey of love and healing.

In “Throwing Good Love After Bad Blood,” Seth Hilary Jackson has birthed an opus of musical catharsis. Through his captivating melody and poetic lyricism, he encourages us to confront our own inherited pain, to challenge the limits imposed upon us by circumstance.

With every note, he beckons us to embark on a personal odyssey of redemption, to forge a brighter future amidst the shadows of the past. Jackson’s candidness reveals the delicate balance between the desire for change and the fear of repeating the patterns of the past.

So, let us immerse ourselves in this sonic tapestry, crafted by the masterful hands and resonant voice of Seth Hilary Jackson. Together, we will journey through the valleys of heartache and the peaks of hope, finding solace in the transformative power of love and the strength to rise above the legacy that binds us.


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