Amarrah – “No Straight Lines” is a beautiful testament to the complexities of human relationships

Amarrah is a visionary musician, performer and songwriter with a soulful and ethereal voice that blends seamlessly with contemporary pop. Based in British Columbia, Canada, she draws inspiration from the natural world and frequently incorporates its beauty into her music. She believes that music and intention have the power to heal and uplift, and her soulful and introspective songs resonate with listeners on a profound level. By remaining true to her passion and vision, Amarrah delivers a unique and refreshing take on pop music that captures the hearts of her audience. With two music videos under her belt, for the songs “Trust” and “No Surrender”, Amarrah’s visual storytelling abilities are just as impressive as her musical prowess.

The videos feature stunning visuals that transport the viewer to a world of fantasy and magic. With a strong influence from nature and animals, Amarrah’s vision is reminiscent of the epic landscapes seen in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Her music is the perfect accompaniment to these visuals, adding depth and emotion to the overall experience.

But it’s not just the visuals that make Amarrah’s work stand out. Her lyrics are both, thought provoking and relatable. Rather than spelling out her experiences, she leaves it to the listener to interpret and relate to their own lives. Her latest single, “No Straight Lines”, highlights all of these elements, plus her magnificently nuanced vocal range, making it her most impactful song yet.

Amarrah’s slightly pensive, evocative and sultry voice, with its hushed sensuality, imbues “No Straight Lines” with the right soulful ambience for its smooth, ethereal pop sensibilities. The piano driven aura builds into luscious and sweeping flourishes, unfolding the poetic and emotive exploration of the complexities of love and relationships.

The lyrics reveal a sense of vulnerability and a willingness to take risks in the pursuit of love, despite the lack of certainty and clarity in matters of the heart. It is a hauntingly beautiful ballad that delves into the often-complicated nature of passion and desire. The song begins with revealing the protagonist’s fears and insecurities: “Not worthy, run from me, call it nobility.” She yearns for the ecstasy of love, even though it involves leaving the safety of her comfort zone, “Wanna feel your bliss, worth the risk, leaving safety.”

The chorus is a hypnotic repetition of “round and round and round we go,” emphasizing the cyclical and often-confusing nature of love. There is no rhyme or reason, no clear path to follow; “There’s no logic in love we fall.”

The musical interlude provides a moment of reflection, allowing the listener to fully absorb the emotion in the words. The lyrics take on a more desperate tone as the singer pleads for acceptance: “Love me fearlessly, will you please believe, there’s no straight lines in love at all.”

The metaphorical image of quicksand and a lion’s breath suggest the challenges that come with opening up to love, and the need for a strong hand to hold on to: “Take your lion’s breath, in quicksand, give you my left hand, will you take a chance on me?” sings Amarrah.

The are many reminders that love is an unpredictable journey, with no clear destination in sight. The closing lines, “Honestly, I’m barely breathing,” reveal the emotional toll of love, and the need for courage to face the unknown.

In “No Straight Lines,” Amarrah has crafted a poetic and introspective exploration of love, with a haunting melody that lingers in the mind long after the song has ended. It is a beautiful testament to the complexities of human relationships, and a reminder that love requires bravery, perseverance, and a willingness to embrace the unknown.

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