FranchiseOO14 – “TakeOver” immerses the listener in it’s atmosphere!

FranchiseOO14 is a North African-born up-and-comer who’s been making waves in the hip hop scene since he dropped his first single. He’s a young artist with big dreams, and he’s been steadily building those dreams ever since he moved to America at the age of five. Growing up, FranchiseOO14 was heavily influenced by the sounds of Biggie and Tupac, and you can hear their impact on his music today. But don’t let that fool you – this young artist has his own unique style and approach to the game. He’s got a bouncy, chattery rhyme flow that’s guaranteed to get your head nodding and your feet tapping. With two singles already under his belt – “TakeOver” and “Paint A Picture”FranchiseOO14 is already making a name for himself in the underground industry. And he’s not slowing down anytime soon – he’s got a brand new track, “Another Way,” dropping on April 14th, and it’s sure to be a hit.

FranchiseOO14’s passion and vision shine through in every song he releases. He’s got a real knack for crafting infectious rhythms and beats that get stuck in your head for days. And his lyrical prowess is on full display as he tells his stories and paints vivid pictures with his words.

 FranchiseOO14’s captivating song “TakeOver” demonstrates his confidence and self-awareness alongside his sharp focus and easy-on-the-ear flow. His lyrics have a way of plunging deep into your mindset while also inviting you to nod along to the vibe. He has no problems diving into deep-rooted emotions, or delivering explicit imagery, and puts them on full display here.

“TakeOver” is an moody, evocative record chock full of sharply-crafted wordplay. Containing a gorgeous, textured instrumental that immerses the listener in it’s atmosphere, the track further showcases FranchiseOO14’s immaculate ear for production, and cements him as one of the underground’s rising artists to keep a close eye on. His vivid bars never leave the listener with dull moments.

FranchiseOO14’s sound is idiosyncratic and highly recognizable, making him stand out in hip-hop’s current landscape and always giving the listener a refreshing experience. The rapper’s gritty delivery and nimble flows are simply captivating on “TakeOver”, as his detail-rich verses paint crystal-clear pictures for the listener. The track unfolds his grind, his ambitions and his experiences along the way.

FranchiseOO14’s flow is a thing of beauty. He effortlessly rides the beat, switching up his cadence and delivery to keep things fresh and dynamic. His voice is full of personality and nuance, adding depth and texture to the already rich soundscape.

But what truly sets FranchiseOO14 apart is his commitment to authenticity. He never tries to be something he’s not, and he never shies away from his own experiences and perspectives. Moreover, he’s not afraid to share his vices, visions and his victories with the world. It’s this unabashed honesty that makes his music so relatable and so powerful.

As he prepares to release his latest single, “Another Way”, it’s clear that FranchiseOO14 is just getting started. He’s a rising star in the underground hip-hop scene, with a bright future ahead of him. His passion and vision are evident in every track he releases, and it’s only a matter of time before he breaks through to the masses.

Many other groundbreaking artists in the hip-hop and rap arena will make their sounds heard throughout this year, but few will carry the confidence, motivation and skillet that FranchiseOO14 brings to table. All of this considered, one cannot help but be curious of what he may have in store for the future.


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