Chris Boss – “Moonchaser” is the result of excellent musicianship!

Chris Boss got his start by entering local battle of the band, and guitar competitions at the age of 16. He was recognized with the Best Guitarist Award in his very first public appearance in a Battle of the Bands at Sunken Gardens Amphitheater. He was hired shortly after that at a music school as full time guitar instructor at the age of 18. Becoming an in-demand studio musician soon followed, as did touring with popular groups he had recorded for. Eventually Chris stepped up to the plate, fronting his own band. He made an immediate impact playing 250 a year at top clubs, as well as private and corporate events.

Chris Boss has shared has stage with many well-known acts, such as KISS, Steve Vai, Merle Haggard, Slash and many others. Along the way, the Texas artist has earned various accolades, including winning the ‘Guitar Wars Competition’ three times, a nomination for musician of the year – SA News, and many more.

The guitarist, singer and songwriter is currently flaunting his high-powered single “Moonchaser”. The track as a whole, is a true triumph. A defining testament to just how talented Chris Boss really is.

The more familiar one gets with his work, the more one realizes that Chris Boss has seemingly endless energy to pour into his creativity. On the first listen to “Moonchaser”, you’ll quickly get the feeling that there is really nothing that Chris Boss can’t do.

He is an undeniable guitar god, while his gritty, soulful vocals proudly display his singing roots. For any other artist, being at the forefront of the rock world as both a guitar shredder and a vocalist would be more than enough. Chris Boss, however, has managed to develop impressive songwriting chops too.

On a pure technical level, “Moonchaser” is a brilliantly produced record. The tones are crisp and clear, yet still display the warmth we can fairly demand from a great rock n’ roll record.

The drum tones are thick and clean, and slotted into the center of the track without being too over-bearing. The bass tones are as groovy and warm as we might want them to be. The guitars, of course, showcase Chris Boss’ unique ability to create sonic heaviness while using minimal distortion.

The lead vocals soar, as the layers of harmony fill the backdrop with resonating vibrancy. Chris Boss is at the top of his game on “Moonchaser”. Not only does he shred like no one’s business, his voice sounds incredible.

Whether you have followed his solo career, or not, you’ll easily understand that Chris’ voice sets him apart from any other guitar heroes on his level. Some manage you stick with him as he blazes across the fretboard, but when he leans into the mic, its game over for everyone else.

No doubt about it, “Moonchaser”, is the result of excellent musicianship, in a track that would easily fit on any modern mainstream rock radio station. It’s teaming with killer licks, a driving rhythm and a towering melody. Furthermore, Chris Boss’ full range is on display in the track, as he moves through all the components he’s managed to master in his skillset.


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