Vinnie Jinn – “Music Potion” – brightly resonating keys, glide over thickly layered percussion

Vinnie Jinn wear many hats. He is a commercial, game and film music producer, singer-songwriter, composer and patron of the Arts at YV Art Gallery. Yes, you could say that he is a jack of all trades, but unlike most, he is a master of them all. Vinnie has been honing his craft for over 25 years. Among his achievements you’ll find, 3 full critically albums, a series of singles, and over 300 songs produced as a ghost writer for artists in 6 different countries. And he has added another bright gem to his collection – the brand new single “Music Potion”. “My music’s my healing potion. My music is my emotion,” sings Vinnie Jinn. There’s really no better way to introduce the sound of this song.

Over the last couple of years Vinnie Jinn has been dealing out multiple hands of sultry rhythms, shimmering synths, jangling guitars and driving basslines,  all coalescing in an atmosphere where hip-hop, jazz, soul, R&B, chill, EDM and any groove-driven music dutifully collide. In an era where genre-bending has become more popular than ever, Vinnie Jinn can claim status as one of its foremost practitioners.

Despite all of these different perspectives and musical abilities, Vinnie Jinn has always managed to keep his singular vision in focus, without getting lost in musical cul-de-sacs. On “Music Potion”, brightly resonating keys, glide over thickly layered percussion, along with dreamy pads, and deep rolling basslines, in a smooth but intensely rhythmic backdrop, enhanced with mellifluous vocal chants. It is exactly what I was expecting from Vinnie Jinn, yet he still finds ways to amaze.

“Music Potion” is as smooth as they come with his steady, expansive and jazzy progressions, woozy synths and an organic feel that is rare for electronic music. The vocals all add their own charm, but the percussion is so infectious, and the groove is undeniable. The polyrhythms are insanely addicting, yet at the same time, Vinnie Jinn’s style is so easy on the ears. Every sonic echo is breezy and effervescent, like they’re cascading through a wave of satin sheets.

Spend 3 minutes with “Music Potion”, is like being inside the mind of a man who has established himself as one of the more exciting and underrated music makers of the last few years. Electronic is where Vinnie Jinn primarily functions, but while the genre is typically associated with loud rambunctious one-dimensional, four-to-the-floor styled compositions, many of the songs in Vinnie’s catalog are melodically, rhythmically and artistically expansive.

Vinnie Jinn’s blend of percussion, synths and grooves accompanied by the effortless singing on “Music Potion” proves that his musical amalgams have achieved a chemistry to admire at this point. The song is a soothing, sultry yet highly energetic performance, and certain to become one of the major highlights in Vinnie’s catalog. It reflects the producer’s signature fusion of entrancing sounds and soulful dancefloor bounce.

The kaleidoscopic nature for sound design and his freewheeling confidence has stayed with Vinnie Jinn over the years, and is ever-present on “Music Potion”. A shimmering song that would fit in perfectly with the upcoming summer, “Music Potion” will leave the listener on a high note, with its captivating and buoyant beat. You can grab the single directly off Vinnie Jinn’s website for the price of your choice, or maybe just give it a listen for free, while you find out more about this multi-talented creative.

Music Potion is all available on all STREAMING PLATFORMS

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