Bank Moody – ‘Mood Swings’ is chock-full of differing styles, sounds, and varying flows

Twenty-five year old Bank Moody was born and raised in Security-Widefield Colorado He has been making music for about 10 years. He recorded his first ever song “High School Love” during high school on broken iPad, and has since fallen in love with the craft and grind. Moody also writes R&B songs for many fellow artists in his area. He has completed three mixtapes, ‘Tell Me What You See’ (2019), ‘Its Not That Deep’ (2020) and his most recent ‘Mood Swings’ (2021), released March 18th.

Though ‘Mood Swings’ obviously has elements of Bank Moody’s previous music, the rapper expands on those elements and seamlessly blends in new flavors and styles. It’s clear that his artistic progression has been nothing short of incredible. The album’s opening track, “Im Trippin” has an entrancingly smooth instrumental, melodically driven by synth pads echoing in the background. Up front Moody is on fire as his verse hold the impact.

Running through “What You Bout”, “Stressed Out” and “Gas”, you’ll notice that he doesn’t hesitate to affront any theme, personal or universal. His lyrics are refreshingly honest, confrontational, and telling of Bank Moody’s ability to relate, to empathize, and to criticize when needed. A clear mark of emotional depth and intellectual maturity.

“Mine Forever” ft. Passion, is wrapped in a wave of melody and shimmering guitars  as Moody spills some intense sentiments, before moving to the piano-driven slow-burn of “All My Exs” ft. Gino Banz. And even here Banks Moody doesn’t hold anything back as he speaks his mind and spits some venom.

A dreamy, melodic vocal hook and instrumental complements Moody on “Tryna Do” ft. Denzel Bolden, as he uses his mesmerizing flow to poignantly articulate his feelings. “Beams and 9s” ft. Yiung Zandos kicks with a clean jangling electric guitar and smooth vocal, until Bank Moody’s abrasive rasp cuts right through the middle.

“4 Nothin” ft. Young Zandos, Passion and Datgoe is another standout that could easily find its way into the mainstream, dripping with soulful groove. The beat transitions and varied instrumentation throughout the song make the instrumental equally as compelling as the verses and hooks. “Any Given Season” ft. LB The Genius has some cool flows and vocal switches which captivates the ear.

Banks Moody’s signature resonant flow immediately punches through the beat and evolves cohesively throughout “Drip Drop” ft. Izzy Mac, as the beat cleverly mutates and morphs across its runtime.

“Unusual” ft. Denzel Bolden stays comfortably in the soulful R&B canon, but this album is chock-full of differing styles, different sounds, and varying flows. Hence Moody flips the script again on “From The Field” ft. NTN and comes out with his typical unrelenting rapping on a bass heavy beat.

On “It Gets Crazy”, Banks Moody flips the script yet again, with a sample of a well-known musical piece from the past serving as the foundation for his rhymes. Listening to ‘Mood Swings’ is an addictive and exciting experience. There’s abrasive parts, there’s deep soulful dives, and tight verbal turns, melodic sounds, and gut punches of reality, and when it is all finished, you want go back and listen to the whole thing over again.


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