Jo Wedin Revisits The 90s and 00s Typical R&B and Soul in Her New Single “Keep It Up”

Revisiting the 90s and 00s typical R&B and soul, Jo Wedin’s new single “Keep It Up” talks about today’s contradictory injunction: « stay true to yourself » . We continuously chase something that’s not real, something very superficial, a dream world that’s unattainable. Narcissistic creatures as we are, our ego have taken up our whole being. No matter how hard we try it’s still difficult to keep up with the world today. We have become voluntary slaves to our own image. The voice has always been at the center of Jo Wedin’s music. She’s an artist who has experimented throughout her career, finding and developing her sound. Jo is born and raised in Sweden but nowadays adopted by France. She’s been writing songs for some years now, touring mainly in France with her French band, and singing jazz and soul in hotels in Paris.

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