“Busta Rhymes” takes Q Sav another step up!

Q Sav thrives in a monothematic universe where his uniqueness has all the elements to shake up the rap game. In its current state of being, the Northside Queens native is by far one of the most impressive independent artists of the last year. On his single, “Busta Rhymes”, his voice carries the aura of a pure lyricist, while the guitar-laden production features the popular new wave aesthetics, which is confirmed with the melodic hook.

Q Sav has always been among the more talented rap artists. From “I Told You” to “Feenin” and “I Got It” to “Okay”, he has always thrived at creating impactful work filled with substance and style. Q Sav sounds a lot more focused on “Busta Rhymes”. Lyrically, he takes another step up compared to his previous performances. Additionally, he has a more than a handful of lines with exceptional wordplay and flow control that I wasn’t expecting from him.

Vocally, you can expect his typical blend of lyrical and melodic styles, which is always a pleasure to listen to. This may just be my personal vision, but overall, “Busta Rhymes” sounds like Q Sav put a lot more love and care into his vocal display on this one. Throughout his playlist, Q Sav has shown himself to be incredibly focused and inventive as an artist, and on Barnacles this latest single, this distinction continues.

The production is also undoubtedly where the track maintains it’s high level of auditory satisfaction. It contains a compelling guitar and a celestial synth in the background, underneath a throbbing beat, and light hi-hat, appeals to the vibe Q Sav is trying to create.  However it’s the vocal performance and the pen game on this track cannot be overlooked; it all sounds incredibly hard, yet heartfelt and ear-warming, leaving you to think “damn, that was a fire.”

In essence, “Busta Rhymes” is a quick, under three minute look into what makes Q Sav’s music so appealing. After listening to this track, it’s really hard to deny the creativity, the genuine sense of craftsmanship, listenability, and the production quality of this project. It will also convince you that Q Sav is here to stay as an artist, and that he is currently one of the more interesting rap artists out there.

Q Sav has been refining his sound, and blossoming beautifully as an artist, since he dropped his first release. The way the NorthsideEnt rapper is able to use his voice to create animated melodic hooks, or switch to rapid lyrical verbiage, is rare in the game. Another quality he has, is to write powerful and memorable rhymes. All of which he effortlessly incorporates into “Busta Rhymes”.

With versatility at his core, it is clear that the Northside Queens rapper possesses the skills to be distinct and uncompromising, yet totally relatable and accessible. You may like or dislike any one of his tracks, depending on your own personal taste, but what cannot be denied is the talent, clarity and versatility that Q Sav displays each time he climbs onto a beat.


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