J.Mally – “Now OR Never Ep” a melodic and creative flare that can be easy to appreciate

It’s no secret in the new wave of pop, rap and hip-hop that talent and success are not directly correlated. If that were the case, J.Mally would be dominating the charts, and he would be popular well beyond the realm of many of his peers. He possesses that rare talent to turn even the simplest lyrics into something complex and intricate. His voice is his instrument, and he uses that instrument to craft lyrical flows with currents far too melodic to overlook. His 2021 “Now OR Never Ep”, only further demonstrates that claim and further illustrates J.Mally as a figure with a creative flare that can be easy to appreciate.

J.Mally is a very versatile artist coming out of Indianapolis, IN who spreads positivity and love. He grabs his inspiration from many different artists, sounds and genres. Traces of Juice WRLD, Playboi Carti and the best of whole new wave generation can be heard in J.Mally’s musings. He croons gracefully over the undulating beat terrains, naturally reaching highs through his own touching vocal melodies.

Opening up with “TMZ (intro)”, the song quickly introduces a throbbing bass, picked guitars and skittering hi-hats. Over which J.Mally lays his urgent and resonating voice. It acts as the appetizer for a fleshed-out project that progresses beyond his waterfall flow and will satisfy any hungry fans hoping to hear something captivating. J.Mally is an artist that can’t be pigeon-holed into a singular genre, so he will appeal to a wide variety of ears.

“Void” proves to be an infectious burst of energy, as J.Mally cut through a simple yet vibrant, bouncing beat-clap pattern filled with some fantastic sound effects and bars that meld together effortlessly in a way that only a skilled artist can pull off brilliantly.

The EP’s centerpiece is without doubt “Rockstar”. This track is immediately J.Mally’s most listenable work and may well be one of the catchiest underground songs you hear in this first half of 2021.

For 5 songs in 15 minutes and 55 seconds, J.Mally proves his melodic capacity to be significantly more expansive than many of his contemporaries and peers. In fact, you’ll hum, adlib, and nod along with most of the “Now OR Never Ep” from the very first listen.

Unexpectedly, even the two final freestyle tracks “Kirby (freestyle)” and “Immunity (freestyle)” are total earworms. J.Mally never once fails to keep fans entertained and thinking about his lyrics throughout the EP.

J.Mally not only has the ability to write lyrics that cut straight through and get at the emotions, but he also has a vulnerability in his voice that accompanies his words perfectly. In fact, everything about him suits his music very well. Moreover his songs evoke empathy that will make him likeable to the majority of people who hear him. It helps that J.Mally has a powerful and distinctive voice.

The end result is that the “Now OR Never Ep” hosts an inspired track-list that speaks to listeners no matter what sort of music is their favorite.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram @j.malllyyy – Twitter @BNBMALLY – Sound Cloud: MALLY

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